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23 March 2017 - Blog, Mother’s Day

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Check out our last minute Mother's Day gift ideas to show your mum how much she means to you.

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20 March 2017 - Blog, Easter

The Best Alternatives to Chocolate this Easter

Having a break from the choccies this year? Check out our easter alternatives to chocolate easter eggs.

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20 March 2017 - Blog, Garden Centre, Summer & Gardening

Find the Sleepy Garden Gnome in our Spring Puzzle!

Goodbye winter, hello spring! We’re excited about the new season beginning, so we’ve created a puzzle. Can you spot the snoozing gnome amid the garden scene?

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17 March 2017 - DIY, Featured

WATCH Our Johnstone's Paint Trolley Dash Winner Sweep Up In-Store!

Watch as one of our Johnstone's Paint scratchcard winners takes part in a trolley dash around her local B&M store!

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16 March 2017 - Pets

4 of Your Pet’s Biggest Pet Hates

What are your pet's biggest pet peeves? What do we do as owners that they secretly hate? Read the top 4 things to avoid doing to your pet...

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15 March 2017 - Blog, Food & Drink

5 Slow Cooker Recipes to Try in 2017

If you've never slow cooked before, prepare to become a cooking pro with the help of the five really easy but really tasty slow cooker recipes!

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13 March 2017 - Blog, Toys & Games

10 Pocket Money Toys for Under £10

Check out our list of toys under £10, so that you can find the perfect birthday presents for kids, without breaking the bank!

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13 March 2017 - Blog, Mother’s Day

The Secret Life of Super Mums!

We've done our research, and it turns out that mums really are heroes!

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09 March 2017 - Blog, Easter

Four Easy Easter Crafts and Activities

Easter’s around the corner so what better way to celebrate the start of the new season than to get the craftbox out with the kids and get messy and creative?

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07 March 2017 - Blog, Summer & Gardening

5 Ways to Transform your Small Garden

Our small garden ideas are perfect for adding some sparkle to your small outdoor space.

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