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The Secret Life of Super Mums!

We all know that mums are heroes! So to celebrate Mother’s Day, we did some research so we could find out exactly just how super mums across the country really are.

We asked 1,000 mothers, who have kids under the age of 11, from across the UK to share with us secrets of their daily lives. The results are in, and we’ve uncovered some surprising secrets of super mums.


Mums are heroes; we’ve got proof!

According to our research, most mums get up before 7am during the week and take just 23 minutes to get ready for the day, before starting the long process of getting the kids up and dressed. On average in the UK, it takes mums almost 40 minutes to get the kids up and ready for the day, that’s from waking them up to leaving the house.

But that’s not all mums do in the morning. 76% of mums always find time to make their kids’ breakfast, with 62% doing their kids’ hair, before 61% of mums do the school run. Busy busy!


What else do mums do in the morning?

  • Over two thirds of mums wake their kids up every morning and help them get dressed.

  • Over half prepare and pack their kids’ lunches.

  • 46% do the dishes.

  • 41% check their emails.

  • 40% collect laundry.

  • 37% tidy their kids’ rooms.

  • 30% have a quick chat with other mums while doing the school run.

  • Over a quarter make a cup of tea or coffee for their spouse too.


And the best Mother’s Day present is…

It’s the question on everyone's lips, what do mums REALLY want for Mother’s Day? Well, we’ve found out for you! It turns out mums love nothing more than a handmade card from their children - which is great news for families who don’t want their Mother’s Day gifts to cost an arm and a leg.

Other gifts mums love include spending extra time with their family, jewellery, flowers and having their breakfast made for them in morning.

Speaking of breakfast, over a third of mums admit they just don’t have time for breakfast in the morning. However, the favourite breakfast option for mums tends to be cereal, with half of those we asked selecting this option. Jam on toast is another popular one, with 17%, and 16% just grab something quick on the way out the door.

Over the weekend

Many mums are pretty organised when it comes to making family plans for the weekend, with 51% saying they pre-plan their activities. Over three quarters of these mums say that it’s them alone who plan the weekend activities for the whole family (they really are heroes!).

Mums with four kids are the most likely to ask for their partner’s help when planning weekend activities, and we don’t blame them!

Are you a busy mum? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know if you have any tips to juggle all your responsibilities via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.



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