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10 Back To School Secrets That All Parents Must Know

07 September 2016

Since September is a mere stone’s throw away, most parents are now thinking about stocking up for the new school year. Of course, if you’re not careful buying ‘back to school’ essentials can work out to be seriously costly. If you want to save your pennies, take a look at these ten money-saving secrets.

1. Make a list before you shop

Often, people are not sure what it is that they need. If your school hasn’t issued you a list, you can find one online with ease. Knowing just what you have to get will stop you overspending on frivolous items!

2. Invest in an oversized blazer

Kids seem to grow faster than you can imagine these days, and so you need to ensure that there uniform lasts more than just one school year. By buying a blazer (or jumper) that’s just a size larger than your child needs, you can make sure that it lasts!

3. Buy lunchbox treats in bulk

Filling up your kid’s lunchbox with tasty treats every day is an absolute must! Rather than forking out for one-off purchases, make sure that you get things like drinks and snacks in bulk. For example, you can buy a multipack of Kwenchy Kups for just £1.69. That’s a real money-saver!

4. Invest in a scientific calculator now!

If your children are attending secondary school this year, they will need this absolute must-have maths item. Most schools don’t tell you this until a few weeks into the term, which means that everyone ends up rushing out to get one at the last minute. Instead, grab one now for next to nothing.

5. Take advantage of shop offers

One of the easiest ways you can save yourself some pennies is by taking advantage of store offers. For example, at B&M, we offer two reams of plain paper for £5… That offer saves you £1 on your paper supplies. Taking advantage of these little deals will make all the difference.

6. Buy more socks than you think you need

If there’s one thing that children absolutely always lose, it’s socks. We’re not sure what kids do with them, but they seem to disappear faster than you can buy them. With that in mind, it’s worth stocking up at the start of the school year. That way, you don’t have to worry about rushing out to the shop when you realise that the sock drawer is empty… again.

7. Ask the school for old textbooks

Textbooks can be seriously expensive, especially when your kids are doing their GCSE’s. Rather than paying out for brand new books, ask the school whether they are selling any secondhand ones. You might just get a bargain.

8. Grab a full stationery set

Of course, you can buy all the items in a set individually, but doing so will cost you more than you need to spend! Instead, you can save money (and, crucially, time!) on a 15-piece stationery set for your little one.

9. Use a marker to write your kids’ names on their clothes

Most schools insist that kids have their names sewn into the backs of their clothes. That is expensive and wastes a whole load of your precious time. Instead, grab yourself a marker and write their name on the labels of their uniform. Nothing could be easier!

10. Get a folder (and refill it)

Kids love notebooks and they are essential for their studies, but why not try this instead? Get a funky folder for your kids and refill it when you need to using a refill pad. Doing so will save you time, money and hassle.