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10 Costume Ideas for Kids this Halloween

15 September 2016


They might behave like little monsters all year-round, but at Halloween your children can actually look the part too!

Whether you prefer to get crafty and make you own costume or pick up something ready-made, we’ve got everything you’ll need to dress your little ones up in creepy clobber.

Here are just 10 ideas from this year’s brand new B&M Halloween collection:

1. Fiery Demon

Suitable for children aged 5-10, this creepy, Fiery Demon costume features a hooded robe that can simply be worn over their regular clothing.

B&M Tip: Make sure you tell your child that they’re not allowed to wear it at night time. If they come and stand beside your bed to wake you up for something, you’ll have nightmares for weeks!

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2. Sequin Witch

Who says scary witches can’t be glamorous?! This pretty, velveteen and sequin costume for children aged 5 to 11 has everything an aspiring witch needs, including a dress, a pointy hat and a broomstick.

Complete the outfit with a homemade spell book, a cuddly black cat and, of course, a warty nose and some theatrical witches make-up, and your little one is all set for some Halloween hocus pocus.

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3. Werewolf

A full moon isn’t officially due on Halloween until 2020 but that doesn’t matter, with this werewolf costume your little one can transform into a howling beast any time they like!

Including a full-print suit and a hairy, very scary mask, this costume is ideal for children aged 5 to 10.  

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4. Twilight Bat

This pretty costume that’s adorned with bats is perfect for little ones aged 5 to 11 who want to enjoy all the Halloween festivities but perhaps scare quite easily.

B&M Tip: Unless you want to be up all night with a child suffering from nightmares, be wary of dressing them up and putting them straight in front of a mirror!

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5. Little Devil

This hooded devil robe costume is super scary so take care to remember that your little devil may be wearing it around the house and tip-toeing from room to room trying to give you a fright!

Suitable for children aged 5 to 10, this complete costume features a robe and hooded mask for wear over their regular clothing.

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6. Fairytale Queen

All hail the Queen! Because if you don’t, she might cast a spell to turn you into a slug, or worse yet, decide that you will read them the same story at bedtime, that one that you’re already utterly sick of, forever… Oh, the horror.

Featuring a floor-length red and black gown and devilishly fancy crown, this Halloween Queen costume is perfect for children aged 5 to 11 years old.

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7. Lord of the Flames

With devil’s horns on the hood and a skull and flames on the waistband, this costume is enough to put the frighteners up anybody! 

Ideal for little devils aged 5 to 10, this scary look can be completed with some creepy face paints and a devil’s fork.

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8. Enchanted Witch

With a pointy hat and fancy frock too, beware of spells being cast on you!

We’ve got a selection of wicked witch costumes in-store for children aged 5 to 11, so bring your little one in and let them choose which witch they’d like to be!

Accessories available to complete the look include face paints and even a creepy Halloween collar for the witch’s cat too.

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9. Soul Reaper

This ghoulish costume for children aged 5 to 10 includes gloves, a hooded mask and a robe that features the faces of the souls that the reaper has collected so far – frightening indeed!

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10. Make Your Own!

The above costume suggestions are just a small selection of the variety we’ve got in-store, but if you feel like getting creative, you’ll also find a wide range of accessories including everything from face paints to wigs to buckets for collecting those all-important sweet treats in.

If you’re having a party and need some Halloween costumes and decorations or are expecting lots of trick or treaters at your door and need sweeties, you can find everything you need in-store at B&M.