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10 Surprising Things You Can Do with Ketchup

14 October 2016

Ketchup has to be one of the nation’s favorite condiments. You can have it with pretty much every type of food and it can help to spice up those boring meals. Where would our chips be without the beloved tomato sauce? But we shouldn’t reserve the sauce for dipping purposes only. Here are 10 amazing things you can do with tomato ketchup!  And make sure to grab yours from B&M Bargains!

1) Sweeten it up!

You can switch up the usual tomato flavour of ketchup, by adding in strawberries, a few spices and some hot pepper to create a mouthwatering sandwich sauce. Find out how to make it here.

2) Combine those condiments.

To make the perfect hot dog sauce, mix together mayo, ketchup, horseradish, pickle relish, and a dash of pepper.

3) Stir into soup.

 This awesome recipe for “Cheeseburger soup” shows how you can mix up ketchup with beef, potatoes, cheese and mustard- yum!

4) Mix it up with coffee.

Ketchup with coffee…say whaaa?! You can make steak tacos by marinating your steak strips in ketchup, coffee and chili powder. Simply add onion, some peppers and stick in a taco!

5) Switch up your Mop sauce!

Mop sauce is the ultimate in barbeque sauces, however this recipe ditches traditional barbecue sauce and uses ketchup instead. Add in Worcestershire and a dash of sugar for good measure.

6) Add to your turkey sandwich.

Ketchup is normally reserved for your chicken sandwiches, so why not mix it up and add a combination of mayo, pickle relish, and ketchup to your turkey sandwiches!

7) Use in Asian cuisine.

Ketchup is seen as a particularly British condiment, but you can actually add ketchup to a mixture of soy sauce, five spice and brown sugar to create a delicious glaze for pork or chicken.

8) Or take it to Italy!

Now this is a sausage sandwich recipe with an Italian twist. Try mixing in mushrooms, olives and Italian seasoning to create something anyone would be happy to have in their lunchbox!

9) Mix with hoisin sauce.

Create a super easy barbecue sauce by smothering chicken thighs in sweet and salty hoisin, mixed with ketchup.

10) Create a seafood splash!

By pairing up mayo and ketchup again, you can create a tangy spread for fish sandwiches. Just chuck in some Cajun seasoning and you’ve got one grown up fish finger sandwich.


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