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11 Common Garden Pests and How to Beat Them

11 July 2017

It’s one of the most frustrating parts of gardening – common garden pests ruining all your hard work. Luckily, with a range of products available on the market, garden pest control has never been easier. We look at eleven of the most common critters and the best way to protect your garden from them.

Slugs and Snails

Slugs and snails are some of the most bothersome pests for the average gardener. If you’re growing plants, you’ll need a plan to rid the area of slugs and snails. Organic garden pest control for these creatures will include attracting hedgehogs, newts and birds like song thrushes to your garden through a variety of ways. However, for a quick and easy fix, Doff Slug Killer Blue Mini Pellets are effective control.

Slugs (again!)

However, if you want to be a humane gardener, you might not be looking at how to kill garden pests. After all, slugs and snails can be a valuable food resource for many outdoor creatures. That’s why one of our favourite natural pest control for gardens is PestShield Slugs Be Gone Barrier Tap which can be wrapped around pots and planters to ward off slugs and snails. The tape emits a static electric charge, which deters them from munching on the fruits of your labours. It is also harmless to the environment.


Ants are a mixed blessing in the garden. In the right place, ants can be beneficial – removing dead insects and small creatures, dispersing seeds and protecting plants. However, in the wrong place, ants can be a pest. They can enter homes, attack food supplies and be harmful to some plants. Ant control can also limit the numbers of aphids and whiteflies in your garden, which is always useful too. Many gardeners use Doff Ant Killer, which also controls cockroaches, earwigs, woodlice and other crawling insects.

Flies and wasps 

Being able to relax and enjoy your garden is diminished by the appearance of flies and wasps around you. Al fresco meals can turn into a battle ground of swatting attempts, running around and at worse, a nasty sting. Keep a can of PestShield Fly and Wasp Killer around the garden and indoors too, to keep these nasty flying pests away from you and your family. 

Mould, algae and moss

While not strictly a “creature”, organic growth can cause a few problems in the garden. In the winter time, lack of use of the garden can allow bacteria to grow leading to great conditions for the spread of algae, mould and moss. This not only makes patios, paths, decking and driveways look unsightly, it also creates a slippy walkway, making them dangerous to walk on.

Spear & Jackson Outdoor Fluid is a must-have for powerful outdoor cleaning and killing harmful bacteria. It also deodorises drains and wheelie bins and disinfects kennels.

Whiteflies, aphids and caterpillars 

If you’ve ever started to grow your own fruit and vegetables, you may have felt the pain at seeing your seedlings get demolished by flies and creepy crawlies. Juicy red strawberries, tomatoes and flowers are just some of the foods on the menu for a variety of critters and it makes growing your own patch nigh on impossible. This spray bottle of Resolva Bug Killer is one of the handiest vegetable garden pest control products you can use to rid your crop of pests to ensure a decent harvest.

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