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15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

08 September 2016

When it comes to enhancing your health, it feels like there are thousands of so-called miracle cures out there. From the weird to the truly wonderful, there are many ways in which you can improve your general well-being simply by changing your diet and lifestyle. One ingredient that is all-too-often overlooked is coconut oil. If you’re not already using this for a multitude of things, why on earth not? It’s not merely for eating, you know? Here are 15 amazing health benefits of coconut oil.

1. Use coconut oil to nourish your skin

Via Care2

When your skin starts to look a little worse for wear, it’s crucial that you do something about it. People ignore the signs of dry skin, but doing so is a massive mistake. Instead, try this simple health hack. Rub a little coconut oil between your fingers and then massage it into your skin. Believe us, it will make all the difference.

2. It’s actually an excellent source of healthy fats

Cocofresh Coconut Oil 500ml , £1.49

We tend to believe that all fats are awful for our general health. Well, actually, that’s not quite true at all. Our body needs fats to function properly. It’s all about getting the ‘right’ sort of fats rather than the wrong ones. Introducing Vita Coconut Oil into your diet means that you have a healthy source of natural fats.

3. It can support weak immune systems

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A weak immune system is a very real threat to your general health. It means that you are more susceptible to minor and major illnesses. If you want to boost your immune system (and you do!), you ought to take just one spoonful of coconut oil each day.

4. Oh, and it boosts your metabolism too

Via Everyday Health

Weight loss is often a slow and, let’s face it, boring process. The best way to speed it up is to boost your metabolic rate. There are certain foods (or superfoods) that can help you do so. Taking coconut oil on a regular basis should seriously kick start your metabolism.

5. It can also improve your sleep

Via Dr. Camp Health

Do you struggle when it comes to sleeping at night? Many people suffer from sleep troubles and even insomnia. Well, once you introduce coconut oil into your diet, you should see a genuine change in your sleep patterns; the oil actually helps to regulate your circadian rhythm!

6. Sort out your troublesome hair overnight

Via Vital Proteins

Over time, your hair can start to look dry and you may even suffer from split ends. When that happens, a quick trip to the hairdressers is usually best. Still, in the meantime, you need to do something to revamp your hair. Rub a little Vita Coconut Oil on the ends of your hair before you head to bed. When you wash it in the morning, you should notice a massive difference.

7. It can help you warm up your feet

Via Active

As we age, many of us will suffer from circulation problems. One of the main signs that you are struggling with poor circulation is that your feet are always colder than they ought to be. When that happens, reach for a tub of coconut oil and rub it all over your feet. You will warm up in no time at all.

8. It increases your mental alertness

Via Addicted2Success

Are you mentally alert? No, really…. Are you? Are you feeling as awake as you could possibly be? When you are alert, you will find that everyday tasks become easier than ever. Start eating coconut oil each day right now and you will see a massive difference in no time.

9. Coconut oil can help get rid of stretch marks

Via Good Housekeeping

It’s nothing to be ashamed of! Many of us end up with stretch marks, especially when we’ve had children. If you want to get rid of them for good, start applying coconut oil to the area on a daily basis. You won’t believe the results.

10. It strengthens your nails

Via Food NDTV

Do your nails constantly break? It can be a real pain when this happens. By rubbing a little coconut oil onto them each night, you should find that they grow stronger than ever before.

11. Use it to whiten your teeth

Via Sunrise

While there are many teeth whitening products on the market, you might want to try this 100% natural alternative. Simply use coconut oil and baking soda in the place of your regular toothpaste. Your pearly whites will dazzle the world before you know it!

12. Feeling a little lazy? Get some energy!

Via Blogspot

When you lack energy, it can be particular difficult to do anything. Even the most menial of tasks will defeat you. By mixing some coconut oil with chia seeds, you can boost your energy and generally make yourself feel more awake and ready to face the day.

13. It’s ideal for pregnant women too

Via The breast care site

Pregnancy is an important time for any woman. You need to make sure that you’re giving your unborn child just what they need. Coconut oil is a brilliant source of fat and energy for your child. Including it in your diet will help improve both yours and your baby’s health!

14. You can even use it for nappy rash

Via Mirror

And once your baby’s born, it doesn’t stop there. You can actually use coconut oil as a natural alternative to nappy rash cream. It will take the swelling and redness down in minutes.

15. It stabilizes your hormones

Via HD Pictures

When you have a poor diet, your hormones go into overdrive. That’s the last thing that you want or need! Taking a little coconut oil every day can help to stabilize your body’s production of hormones. What could be better than that?



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