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3 Delicious Meals Made Awesome with Walkers Crisps & Doritos

10 May 2017

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You don't have to look too far for a new twist on an old classic. Here at B&M we want to show you that a pack of ready salted can go a long way when it comes to cooking. Here are 3 of our favourite meals made awesome with Walkers crisps and Doritos...

Breaded chicken (or chicken burger)

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Making your own KFC-style chicken is always fun and the results are finger-licking good! But with a little help from Doritos you can turn breaded chicken pieces into something crunchingly-irresistible.

Blend or crush a 180g bag of Tangy Cheese Doritos and throw into your mix of breadcrumbs, flour and eggs. Your chicken pieces will be extra flaky with a sharp, tangy flavour cutting through. Something to make the colonel jealous.

Or if you enjoy making your own burgers with the kids, add your crushed Doritos to ground chicken for some tasty chicken burgers.

Pasta bake

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Pasta bake jars should be at the frontline of any emergency food cupboard. It’s the one food staple we can rely on when there’s nothing else (or when you’re too tired to cook!) and it always answers the call.

Make your pasta bake more interesting with a sprinkle of their favourite flavour of Walkers crisps. Crush up a bag and sprinkle over the top when you add the cheese. Return to the oven for another 15-20 minutes and enjoy the salty hit and crunchy texture.

B&M Top Tip: If you really want to tantalise your taste buds, try mixing crushed crisps into cookie dough. The result is a delicious sweet ‘n salty mash up! Try Potato Chip Cookies here!

Spanish omelette

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How can you make already tasty Spanish tapas even better? With your favourite crisps of course! This clash of cultures throws up an intriguing end result, and all you have to do is replace one kind of potato for another.

Rather than using sliced potato, simply layer your tortilla with Walkers crisps. This Tear & Share bag should do the trick, giving you a mouth-watering, salty layered omelette with a crispy top!

Get the full recipe here!


Or just grab a bag, open and let them dig in. Treat the kids to their favourite bag of crisps, a bottle of Pepsi and a bag of chocolate and you’ve got yourself a fun night in front of the TV.

Have you tried any of these awesome crisp recipes? Share your plates with the B&M community or let us in on your own unique and favourite recipes where the secret ingredient is crisps! We’re on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!


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