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5 Benefits of Taking Up a New Sport This Summer

26 April 2017

May is almost upon us, which means one thing… summer is very nearly here (yay!). As the days get longer and the temperature rises, millions of us are venturing out of our houses and firing up those barbecues, ready to indulge in some home cooked treats.

Here at B&M, we love a good barbie as much as the next person, but all of this calorific food and beer means that lots of people are balancing it out and choosing the summertime to take up a new sport.

But why should you take up a new sport this summer? Here are 5 reasons why you should dust off those trainers in the next couple of months!

Sports benefits

Exercise is an amazing stress-buster

Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that exercise is one of the top ways to manage stress? We all have pretty stressful lives - with many of us juggling full time jobs with bringing up a family - so spending just a few minutes a week exercising is a great way to de-stress and clear your head.

For busy parents, we understand that going out and joining a sports club may be too time consuming, so why not go for a jog instead? Just putting on your running trainers and jogging round the block is a nice, free way to get some exercise - without taking up too much time!

B&M Top Tip: to keep track of your jogging progress, it’s useful to download a running app to your phone - Strava is a great choice. To keep your phone safe during your jogging sessions, use a special armband.

You’ll become fitter and stronger

We all know that sport can make you lose weight, but what you lose in weight you make up for in fitness and strength. Exercise is a wonderful way to keep your body strong, whilst also allowing you to release all those horrible toxins through sweating.

If you take up a sport, you’ll have more energy - meaning that getting the kids up and ready for school may seem like a less daunting task! Also, your skin will become more radiant, and you might even see an increase in your libido.

B&M Top Tip: If you want to get fitter and stronger, there are loads of sports you can try at home with a partner. Tennis is a great choice - just grab a racket and a ball and you’re good to go!


It will benefit your mind

Many people who have taken up a sport say that, since starting to exercise regularly, their mind has become sharper and they’ve been finding it easier to make decisions. Any type of sport requires a certain level of discipline to keep going, and many people find that this helps them in other walks of life - at work especially.

Other ways by which sport can benefit your mind:

  • Improve stamina and concentration.

  • Increase confidence..

  • Speed up reactions.

B&M Top Tip: why not get the kids involved with exercise too? We think they’ll love scoring into this pop out goal! It’s easy to put away too.


You could meet new people

Taking up a team sport means that you’ll meet new people and improve your social life. When starting out in a new sport, it’s really beneficial to have people around you who will encourage you to carry on. Socialising with likeminded people who are looking to get fit through sport is a great way to stay motivated - you might even make some friends for life!

B&M Top Tip: be sure to keep hydrated during your exercising sessions.

Sport can help with depression and anxiety

With the stresses of modern life, more and more people are suffering with mental issues like depression and anxiety. Sport is a fantastic and healthy way to help combat these issues, without medication.

B&M Top Tip: if you’re suffering from depression or anxiety, we recommend seeing a medical professional and chatting with them about how exercise can help your condition.


Have you taken up a new sport recently? Join the B&M community and let us know all about it via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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