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5 Easy to Make Cocktail Recipes for Any Occasion

15 July 2016

Mmm, cocktails. So naughty, so nice and, on sunny days in particular, so necessary!

Here are just five easy cocktail recipes that, with some flamboyant shaking, can be made to look impressively complicated, so you can wow your friends at the next barbeque, garden party or grown-up picnic in the park:  

1. Pimm’s No.1 and Lemonade Cocktail 

Pimms, lemonade and your choice of fruit. That’s it. This suggestion from Recipes from a Pantry is a ridiculously easy cocktail recipe.

Make a large jug full (because one glass is never enough) but take care to use reusable plastic ice cubes that won’t dilute the deliciousness.

You can find a selection of glasses including fun, non-spill options instore, so you can enjoy this drink anywhere.

2. ‘Adult’ and Blackberry Crumble


A boozy cocktail that tastes like a classic apple and blackberry pudding? This could possibly be the Holy Grail of cocktails!

Rich bourbon is laced with cherry, lemon, blackcurrant and apple flavours in this new cocktail creation from Glasses Girl, making it one that’s sure to impress even cocktail connoisseurs.

3. Rhubarb and Prosecco Fizz

Rhubarb is at its very best between now and late summer, while a bottle of Prosecco is at its best, chilled and open!

This cocktail recipe from The Crazy Kitchen requires a homemade rhubarb vodka syrup (sounds delicious already, right?) that’s blended with chilled ginger ale and fizz, then finished with fresh mint and a stick of rhubarb.

This combination gives you a really light yet zingy drink that has a fun hint of sherbet about it.

4. Raspberry and Elderflower Pimms Cocktail

This simple recipe from Lavender and Lovage gives you a quintessentially British cocktail.

Filled with raspberries, fresh mint and elderflower cordial or champagne, this refreshing cocktail is reminiscent of a time when picnics were posh, croquet was all the rage and lawn tennis was played in long skirts.

It is pure class in a glass. Wot, wot.

5. Coconut Water Mojito Mocktails 

There’s something uniquely refreshing about a crisp, cold cocktail on a summer’s day, but what if you don’t drink, can’t drink or it’s just too early in the day to start?!

This easy recipe from The Tofu Diaries lets you enjoy all the rejuvenating flavours of a cocktail without the alcoholic side-effects.

It’s so good you could even sip one over breakfast but if and when you do fancy a tipple, just add a splosh of white rum.

These are just five easy cocktail recipes but there’s an infinite number of boozy creations that you can make to suit absolutely any sort of occasion so have a go at mixing and matching your favourite ingredients and inventing your own original blend.

Simply pop into your local B&M store and pick up the spirits, mixers and glassware you need, along with all your summer BBQ, picnic and garden party accessories.

B&M Tip: In case of hangovers, we also sell paracetamol…