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5 Fun Ways to Use Solar Powered Garden Lights

19 April 2016


The summer is so close we can almost smell the freshly cut grass and sizzling BBQs, but after another dreary British winter, our gardens can seem pretty uninviting to spend time in. Luckily, that can easily be remedied with some nifty garden lighting tricks.

Here’s just 5 fun ways that you can use solar powered garden lights to transform your back yard, balcony or any other kind of outdoor space to get it ready for all the lovely, balmy, summer evenings ahead:

solar powered fairy lights

1.  Walkways, Steps and Handrails

Plain white or multi-coloured fairy and string lights are absolutely perfect for highlighting walkways and steps and making a feature of handrails or balconies.

Simply tack them along the edges of any areas you want to mark out or wrap them around posts and pillars. They’ll work anywhere as long as the solar panel is exposed to plenty of light.


Solar powered garden post lights2.  Borders, Beds and Pots

With no need for any sort of electrical cables, it couldn’t be easier to brighten up garden borders, plant beds and pots with stake and post lights.

Suitable for use in gravel, grass or soil, you can use them to add random splashes of light and colour throughout your garden, to create new paths and walkways or to highlight the edges of ponds or the entrance to driveways.



3.  OverheadSolar powered garden fairy lights

The beauty of solar powered garden lights is that you can put them absolutely anywhere! Look up in your garden and find a spot under fascias or guttering that you can hang our decorative outdoor lights and lanterns from.

If you don’t have a suitable overhead space or you can’t access it easily, simply wrap your lights around the length of your washing line instead!




Solar powered fairy lights4.  Bushes and Trees

There something magical about trees and bushes lit with twinkling lights and although plain bulbs are very pretty, why not go a step further and create a little garden wonderland with our range of colourful insect, flower and leaf lights.

Try wrapping a string of ladybirds or leaves around tree trunks and branches or hanging your choice of dragonflies, butterflies and bees throughout the foliage of any fruit trees or hedges for an enchanting look.


5.  Get Creative!

Cast Iron Effect Solar Powered Wall Art - Butterfly

There are so many different ways you could use these lights so think outside the box and get creative!

Try making the outline of shapes with small nails or hooks along exterior walls and fence panels and wrapping your lights around them. Pinwheels, hearts or simple zig-zag patterns are easy to create and can make a real feature of blank spaces.

These lights are so versatile that you don’t even need to use them outdoors. As long as the solar panel gets plenty of sunlight, you can enjoy your choice of twinkly lights on interior walls and windowsills, or use them to create the illusion of stars beneath garden umbrellas and inside children’s play tents.

With so many garden lights to choose from and total freedom from electrical plugs and sockets, the opportunities to illuminate every corner of your garden as much or as little as you like, are endless.

Got some other great ideas for using solar lights in your garden? Tell us about them or better yet, share some pics of your creations with us on our B&M FacebookTwitter or Instagram page!