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5 Ways to Transform your Small Garden

07 March 2017

With the passing through of storm Doris bringing the UK a lovely rainy and windy surprise, it’s easy to forget that spring is just around the corner. We don’t know about you, but here at the B&M office we’re buzzing with excitement at the thought of warmer days and evenings sat in the garden. 

However, if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably been looking outside and thinking how on earth you’re going to turn your small garden into somewhere you can entertain guests. So, in preparation for spending more time outside, here are five small garden ideas to help you transform your outdoor space in time for spring.

Add More Flowers


Image credit: Owtdoor

We’re not on about cluttering up your garden with plant pots (although if that’s your thing, by all means don’t let us stop you), but the odd flower patch here and there is great for making a small garden or yard more interesting. 

One of the best things about spring is the smell of fresh flowers popping up all over the place, so why not bring that gorgeous scent to your own garden? This fragrant flower seeds set is not only great for adding the smell of fresh flowers to your outdoor space, they look fantastic too!

B&M Top Tip: Think that flowers are just for spring? Think again! There are a range of plants and flowers that come out in full bloom later on in the year - perfect for people who need more time to get their garden out of the winter slump! Check out our summer flowering lily seeds for some beautiful flowers that will stay that way until autumn.


Let the Grass Grow

GrassImage credit: eSpares Blog

If the thought of spending a Saturday afternoon mowing the lawn sends chills down your spine, fear not! Let go of your inner short-lawn competition with your neighbour and let the grass grow a bit. Don’t be afraid to let some parts of your garden grow out, so you can mow interesting paths through the lawn (the kids will love it!).

B&M Top Tip: If you’re lucky enough to have a tree in your garden, try letting the grass around it grow a little bit more than the rest.

Hang Around in a Hammock


Image credit: Thor PLC 

Hammocks look great in the garden, and they’re a fabulous place to relax with a book (or a glass of wine!). They also don’t need to take up a lot of space either, so they’re perfect for smaller gardens where a bench would be too intrusive.

B&M Top Tip: We think that when it comes to hammocks, the brighter the better! Save your neutral colours for inside, and go for a bright yellow hammock to welcome that bright yellow sunshine.


Light it Up!

Garden lamp

Warm spring / summer evenings are even better when you’re not relying on torchlight to be able to see each other once the sun goes down. Putting lights in your garden is the perfect solution, and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. We love these cute hanging lanterns for less than six quid!

B&M Top Tip: For an instagram-worthy look, try some string lights. These are easy to put up and look absolutely fantastic, especially in smaller gardens.


Don’t Forget About the Birds!

Bird bath


A great addition that’s perfect for small gardens is a bird bath. Bird baths don’t take up much space, and the birds love them too! When choosing a bird bath, we love rustic designs, which bring a bit of old-fashioned elegance to gardens of all sizes.

B&M Top Tip: Put your bird bath somewhere that is close to protective cover (i.e. a shrub or bush), so that the birds can quickly fly to safety in the event of predators.

Do you have any small garden ideas that you would like to share? Or perhaps you’re a pro at knowing what plants to grow in a small garden? Let us know via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and join the B&M social community!