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6 Most Wanted Movie Toys of the Summer

03 July 2017

This summer is a fantastic time for kids’ films, with last month bringing us Cars 3 AND Despicable Me 3. July is the month for Spiderman: Homecoming, the latest instalment from the Marvel franchise - so we can’t wait for that!

With a great movie comes great responsibility (see what we did there?) to have the latest toy that goes with the film. So here are the very best Despicable Me toys, Marvel action figures and Disney Car toys for kids that we stock here at B&M.

Despicable Me Light Up Unicorn - £26.99

Unicorn Toy

How adorable is this light up fluffy unicorn? It’s soft and cuddly, so your little ones can hug and squeeze it to their heart’s content. Press Fluffy’s front left hoof and be treated to some magical chimes and trotting sounds - perfect for kids who like to interact with their toys. For an extra magical experience, Fluffy also has a light up horn!

Despicable Me Fart Blaster - £17.99

Fart Blaster

Don’t blame us for this one! This hilarious fart noise blaster is perfect for grossing out any enemies (or Grandmas) your kids might have. For extra laughs, switch it to joke mode, which features a 20-second sound delay - meaning your little angels can embarrass relatives again and again. There’s also colour-changing lights and fun sound effects for extra fun!

Lightning McQueen - £29.99

Lightning McQueen Car Toy

Fans of Disney’s Cars will love this Lightning McQueen action toy! This toy is motion sensored and fully interactive - just tap on his bonnet to turn him around and start playing. The toy automatically moves and responds to its surroundings, just like the character in the film! It’s not just movement that will impress the kids, Lightning McQueen also makes some pretty impressive sounds and phrases directly from the film itself.

Spiderman Walkie Talkie - £9.99

Spiderman Walkie Talkies

Kids will love this Spiderman Walkie Talkie set, meaning that they can help out Spiderman with his heroic adventures! These super-cool walkie talkies have a 100-metre plus range, so the kids can have hours of fun without getting cut off. They’re battery operated too, and are perfect for the BEST game of hide-and-seek.


Spiderman Action Figure - £19.99

Spiderman Action Figure

If your child wants to enjoy Marvel adventures at home, they’ll love this Spiderman action figure. At a whopping 20 inches, this figure stands tall over the rest of the toy box, and is the perfect gift for any child who can’t get enough of the web slinger.

Cars Racing System Track - £19.99

Cars Race Track

Are your kids Cars-mad? They’ll be amazed at this Cars Racing System Track! With highly detailed cars that race around the track, lighting it up as they go, your little ones will be in for hours of fun. In fact, we think that big kids might even find themselves having a go too!

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