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7 Easy Ways to Make Your Student Loan Last

06 September 2016


Whether you’re about to begin your academic career or are heading back to Uni after the holidays, one of the biggest stresses you’re likely to encounter is money, or more specifically, a lack of it.

Fear not! At B&M, we know a thing or two about making money go further so here’s our 7 easy tips for making your student loan last:

1. Budget

It’s boring but essential. Student payouts often come in quarterly lump sums and when a big chunk of money lands in your account, splashing some of it is very tempting.

Before you hit the high street, make a budget spreadsheet or use an online app to help you calculate what you need to set aside for rent, bills, food, transport and course materials and then you’ll know exactly what you can afford to spend on having fun.

2. Get Your Discounts

As a student, you can benefit from all sorts of discounts at high street retailers, restaurants and entertainment venues and you can even get huge reductions on your council tax, so make sure you find out about all the discounts you’re entitled to and apply for them all.

If you’re not sure where to start, your Student Union is often a great source of information.

3. Learn How to Cook

Student-Loan-Blog-SquareCooking, like most things, is easy when you know how and it can save you a fortune on takeaways and ready meals. You don’t have to become Jamie Oliver but you should learn how to make cheap, simple, filling meals like omelettes, spaghetti carbonara or a big pan of chilli that you can freeze.  

To make real savings, share the cost of essentials like tea, coffee and loo roll with your housemates, shop in lower priced supermarkets and always check out the reduced section, there’s some real bargains to be had especially if you go an hour or so before they close.

4. Swap Clutter for Cash

Selling your old CD’s, mobile phones, books and clothes online couldn’t be easier and it’s a really easy way to get some cash together.

5. Buy Second Hand

Everything you will need for your course, from textbooks to a bicycle to get across campus, get sold off every year by graduates who are moving on, so keep an eye out for local or online sales and you can save yourself a fortune.

If you’re going back to Uni, sell anything you no longer need from last year including anything you could share with housemates – no student house needs four toasters!

6. Get a Job!

Juggling an academic workload and a job can be tough so don’t overdo it, but do get a part-time position working the odd evening or weekend, or take on more hours throughout the holidays.

Meeting people outside of class can be good for you and the extra cash you’ll have in your bank at the end of the month or when you go back to Uni after the lengthy summer and Christmas holidays can be reserved for a “fun-fund” that you can spend on anything you like.

7. Shop at B&M!

We make it our mission to provide all of our customers with quality products at low prices, so shop with us for all of your student essentials. For everything from mugs to toilet roll, bedding to stationery, you can find everything you need to make your accommodation comfy and personal, instore.


To make the most of your money, visit your local branch of B&M for your back to university supplies and follow us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram for regular updates on our sales, promotions and free-to-enter competitions.