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7 Gym Kit Essentials for Women

09 August 2016

Whether you’re hoping to lose weight, tone up or just improve your overall fitness levels so that you can lead a more active lifestyle (or eat cake with less guilt), having the right kit and accessories for the gym really helps to make every workout count.

Here are your top 7 gym kit essentials:

1. Clothing

Lightweight gym clothes that can stretch, support and move with your body so that you’re as comfortable on the treadmill as you are in a yoga class are essential and we’ve got a fantastic range of flattering ladies’ workout wear instore.

2. Footwear

There are all sorts of specialist footwear available for every kind of gym or sporting activity but unless you plan on running a marathon you don’t need to spend a fortune on trainers.

Ultimately your footwear needs to be light, supportive and comfortable and at B&M, that’s exactly what you get, and for under a tenner too!

3. Towel

You’re going to need two towels: a small, highly absorbent one that you can easily carry around the gym to mop your brow or wipe down sweaty gym equipment before you climb onto it (gross but true), and a regular bath towel or shower wrap that you can stow in your locker for freshening up after your workout.

4. Earphones

Most modern gyms have flat-screen TVs so you can keep up with the news, sporting events or your favourite soap while using gym equipment. However you'll need earphones that you can plug in to treadmills and stationary bikes to access the sound.

Alternatively, if you prefer your gym-time to be screen-free, then take an MP3 player loaded with playlists of your favourite, upbeat groovy tunes. Music can be a great motivator to keep you going when fatigue starts to set in.   

5. Fuel

Getting the most out of any gym session means giving your body the right fuel to workout. While you’ll find healthy recipes for everything from breakfasts to desserts in our blog, eating a meal before hitting the gym isn’t always practical or easy on the tummy.

Whey and protein powders, meal replacement shakes, snack bars and cookies give you the energy, vitamins and minerals you need to workout. They make a great alternative to meals and you can find an extensive selection of them instore now.

6. Bottle

Dehydration will quickly deplete your energy levels and make workouts harder so take care to drink regularly throughout your gym session.

Take a bottle filled with iced water, an isotonic sports drink or a shaker bottle filled with your choice of whey or protein powders to keep you hydrated and energised.

7. Gym Bag

Finally, you’ll need a decent bag complete with pockets and compartments to keep all those essential gym kit items and other accessories safe and organised in. Just remember to empty the sweaty socks and t-shirts out of it when you get home!

You’ll find everything you need to hit the gym with confidence and boost your health and fitness levels, instore at B&M.



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