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7 Minion Themed Ideas for a Kids Birthday Party

06 July 2017

Gru and his lovable (but equally mischievous) Minions return to our screens this summer in the new Despicable Me 3 movie. If your kid is absolutely Minion-mad and has a birthday party on the horizon then B&M are here to help.

We’ve scoured the length and breadth of Pinterest to unearth the most unique, most amazing and most Minion-mental craft and recipe ideas that will give your little one a party they’ll never forget!

Minion Party Cups

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Your guests will need something decidedly despicable to drink out of, so what better vessel to slurp their juice or pop out of than their very own Minion party cup? All you need are yellow cups, some marker pens and some googly eyes – your guests will love them!

Place name toilet roll holders

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Turn toilet roll centres into menacing Minions! You’ll need to think ahead a bit for this one, so remember to keep hold of all your used-with toilet rolls. With one roll per guest, you can create an army of adorable Minions. Why not write your guests names on each and use them as place name tokens when the kids come to sit down for cake and ice-cream?

Minion Birthday Cake


Speaking of cake, this one really rises to the occasion! Imagine the amazement on your son or daughters face when you pull out this Minion cake; imagine the “ooos” and “ahhhs” as you parade it in front of guests; imagine the taste!

Certainly one for the more adventurous, creative types among us but a worthwhile show-stopper for your Minion-themed party.

Minion Bananas


The slightly healthier option to cake is the humble banana. It’s the only bright yellow snack you’ll put out on your party table which doesn’t contain E-numbers! And you can make them more attractive to guests by dressing them in blue dungarees!

Party Bags

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This craft activity is great because you can get the birthday boy or girl to help you out! Get some yellow party bags and some coloured card and get snipping and gluing!

B&M Top Tip: remember, if you're getting crafty with the little ones, our Hobby World selection will cater for all your stationery needs. We've got craft packs, coloured card, coloured pens, glitter, stickers and much more!

Rice Krispie Treats


Parties are all about treats! Better yet, they’re all about easy-to-make treats that are still capable of wowing your party guests.

We’ve all made Rice Kripsie cakes before, haven’t we? Just add some marshmallow and a bit of food colouring and you’ve got yourself an army of edible, yummy Minions. Use some icing pens to add the eyes and viola!

B&M Top Tip: if you’re dusting off the apron for your kids’ party, remember we have lots of bakeware at B&M, from baking tins and utensils to oven gloves and aprons!

Pin the Eye on the Minion


Games are a vital part of any birthday party, though it might be best to get them out of the way before you serve the jelly and ice-cream! This fabulous idea is a re-imagining of an old classic party game, brought into the 21st century for your Minion-mad birthday boy or girl.

Got any despicable 'Minion Made' party games of your own? Share your kids’ party hints and tips with the B&M Community on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


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