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7 Ways to Save Money on Back to School Essentials

11 August 2017

The summer holidays seem to be flying by don’t they? If September is coming around all too quick for your liking (or perhaps not quick enough!), chances are you’re preparing yourself, mentally and financially, for the mad rush to get everything prepared for the kids starting a new school year.

With these seven foolproof back-to-school shopping tips, you can get everything you need for September, without breaking the bank! Enjoy our back to school best buys.


Do a thorough sweep of the house before buying ANYTHING

Here’s an invaluable pearl of wisdom for you. If your back to school supplies list is becoming longer by the hour, take a step back a moment. Chances are, you’ve got loads of these things laying around the house. If you spare an afternoon to look for the essentials around your home, there’s a pretty decent chance you could actually halve your list, saving you pounds.

Avoid shops dedicated to stationery

Yeah, we get that this might sound like a weird tip for a ‘back to school’ themed blog post. However, if you go to one of those dedicated stationery shops, you may find that you end up paying way more than you would if you were to visit a shop that sells stationery, among other things.

Here at B&M, we have a wide range of stationery, at a fraction of the price of some other stores.


Keep an eye out for special offers

Many stores, including us here at B&M, have special ‘Back to School’ promotions, where you can find some great bargains. Keep an eye out for these and you could save pounds on your shopping.

Buy enough to last the year

As we mentioned earlier, chances are you’ll be able to grab some real bargains during the late summer period. For this reason, it’s wise to buy in bulk if possible, to avoid spending more throughout the year.

School supplies

Buy briefs in packs, not individually

If you’re looking to purchase some briefs for your child to wear to school, avoid buying these individually. Instead, choose packs of briefs, this way you’ll not only save money, but your child will have more - you’d be amazed at how these can go missing occasionally.

Get set for maths sets!

The price of maths equipment can add up (geddit?). Instead of buying everything individually, buy a maths set. This will contain everything your child needs to show those equations who’s boss!

Buy a lunch box that comes with a flask

We all know that lunchboxes with characters on them can be a bit expensive sometimes, so we recommend purchasing one that comes with a flask attached. This way, you minimise the risk of your child forgetting it, as it just fits back onto its holder on the side of the lunchbox - genius!

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