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9 Useful Tips & Tricks To An Easier Life With Your Pet

01 September 2017



We all love our pets don’t we? Some probably love them more than humans – you know who you are!

So, why not give them the best care you can while also making your life so much easier? Check out these 9 tips & tricks to an easier, happier life with your pet.

Use Carabiners When Out

A carabiner can be a useful tool to tie up your dog’s lead while out and about. Instead of trying to tie a tight knot and running in and out of the shop before it untangles, grab a carabiner and securely fasten the lead.

Rubber Gloves to Clean Fur

Grab a pair of rubber gloves and dampen them. Simply wipe on your sofa and anywhere that pet hair can be found on your furniture, and it should come right off.

B&M Top Tip: Use a squeegee to pick up pet fur from your carpets.

Slow Down Your Dog’s Eating

Does your dog clean out their bowl of food before you’ve managed to put the food bag away? This can be bad for digestion and could cause bloating. To slow down their eating, simply place a tennis ball in the centre of their bowl before pouring in their food. Your pet will have to eat around the ball, thus slowing them down.


Add Parsley to Food

If your dog has smelly breath then add a few choppings of parsley to their food. It should help improve the scent and also has health benefits too, helping things like anaemia and urinary issues.

B&M Top Tip: Parsley is also great for cats as it helps digestion and treats kidney ailments.

Lavender Bandana

If your dog is easily stressed out, drop some lavender on a bandana and tie it around their neck. The aroma should calm them (and you!) down.


Get an old sock and put an empty plastic bottle inside it. Secure the end and give it to your dog, and hey presto! They’ve now got a new crinkle toy.



Wrap Furniture Legs in Twine

If you’re fed up of your cat constantly scratching your sofa or armchair, wrap some twine around furniture legs and they will start going to town on them rather than your expensive couch!

Green Tea Kills Odours

Add green tea to your cat’s litter tray to reduce the odour. It can make a huge difference without making any effort at all.

Treat Your Pet

We all love our pets, but make sure to let them know they’re being well behaved by giving them treats every now and then. Bakers Sizzlers are perfect for dogs, especially if they love bacon! While a Felix Goody Bag will make your cat love you even more.

B&M Top Tip: Don’t forget, your pets are smarter than you think and will try and find sneaky ways to get more treats so don’t overfeed them.

Do you have any pet tips and tricks that you would like to share with the B&M Community? Let others know about them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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