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Allergy-Proof Your Bedroom on a Budget

19 April 2016

They say you can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep and with the B&M range of allergy-busting furnishings and accessories for your bedroom, you don’t have to!

If you suffer from sore, itchy eyes, sneezes and a blocked or stuffy nose at night-time, you’ll know that allergies are no laughing matter.

With Allergy Awareness Week running from 25th April to 1st May, we’ve put together a few tips on allergy-proofing your bedroom on a budget so you can get the restful sleep you really deserve:


Dust is a major trigger for allergies and if you suffer the annoying symptoms, no matter how much you polish or hoover, the problem could be caused by your furnishings.

Heavy drapes, venetian blinds or cushions can gather untold amounts of dust, but they can easily be replaced with new, lightweight, fabrics. This means that you can reduce allergy symptoms and give your bedroom a new lease of life at the same time!

However, if you or your little ones rely on heavy curtains to shut the light out completely, try complementing lightweight curtains with a blackout roller blind.

Any shoes, cosmetics or nik-naks that sit around your room or hide beneath your bed can harbour lots of dust too, not to mention the hours they add to your cleaning regime, so cut out the chores and allergens by putting non-essential items into easy-clean, plastic storage boxes.


Pet Hair

As a nation of pet-lovers, most of us have a four-legged friend at home but pet hair is another cause of allergies, however there’s no need to get rid of your pet!

Keeping them out of the bedroom, or at least off your bed is a good start, but if they need to be close to you at night, make a dedicated space for them to sleep in that can be regularly aired and cleaned.

Even if your pets don’t go in your bedroom, their hairs will still find their way into the fibres of your carpets and furnishings so take care to hoover regularly with a vacuum that has the power and accessories required to remove pet hair.

Bed Mites

These microscopic critters are the stuff of nightmares for most people but for those with allergies, asthma or eczema, they can cause unpleasant or even serious health problems.

Bed mites (also known as dust mites) feed on shed, human skin (yuck!) and can live in any kind of furnishings, but they thrive in warmth and humidity so they’re especially prevalent in beds.

Allergy UK recommend using specialist bedding including mattress protectors and anti-allergy pillows and duvets, and washing bedding once a week at 60˚C or above to kill mites and keep your bed, bug-free.  

Air Quality

One of the most effective ways to tackle allergies caused by dust mites, pollen and mould spores, particularly in the spring and summer months is to ventilate your bedroom with plenty of fresh air.

However sometimes, cracking a window isn’t sufficient to really tackle allergens, especially if you suffer from hayfever, but an air purifier or dehumidifier can help.

If pollen is a real trigger for you, keep doors and windows closed on dry, sunny days when the counts are high, and open them wide when it’s raining to let fresh air circulate around your bedroom.

In between, use a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air and make it more difficult for mites and mould to develop.

You can get further advice on tackling allergies by contacting Allergy UK or your local pharmacist, and find all the allergy-busting soft furnishings and accessories you need for a good night’s sleep, online or instore at B&M.