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B&M Storage Hacks to Maximise Your Home

07 July 2015

If there’s one thing we’re all guilty of, it’s filling our homes with far more items than we have space for! Whether it be clothes or statues, shoes or picture frames, we’ve came up with some space saving hacks which will ensure you can tidy up your home and make it look smart at the same time – without spending much money!

Hell with Heels

Stamp your shoe situation out with easy fixes. Try placing all smaller shoes (like the kids) on an overturned photo frame and sliding them under your bed or couch. This way you can leave space on your shoe rack for your heels and boots - a simple wooden shoe rack can easily be fitted into any décor.

Maximise your space

Overdoor hangers are the way forward. Vertical space is always more plentiful and should be used to your own advantage. Hang scarves and ties on the door to leave space for all those new summer dresses you want!

Bags for Life

Look beyond just buying coat hangers; use funky bags for smaller items such as underwear. One bag could be for socks, one for scarves… make life easier by minimizing the need for drawer space! Do you really need to see which socks you’re pulling out? Pair them up and pull them out.

Picture This

Picture frames make a house a home, but do tend to get in the way if your frame obsession begins mounting. Purchase some small wall shelving to add new storage space to your room, while still keeping it looking bright and modern. Keep it to a minimum, with 1 frame or item per shelf, and you’ll add some life to otherwise bare walls.

Storage Boxes

A personal favourite is storage boxes; especially easily identifiable ones! Keep your makeup, powders and lotions hidden away (not that you need it anyway!) and de-clutter those tables. Keep your files organised inside one of our colourful paper boxes, available in a variety of colours and designs! Perfect for a charming way to hide those pesky bills.

Kids Toys

A kids room can sometimes be ever so slightly chaotic, so find fun ways to help keep on top of storage. We’ve got storage seats which have a liftable lid for you to easily pop any unused toys in (and they’re easy for the kids to use so they can help tidy!) Plus, they provide a soft seating area when the tidying gets too much!


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