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Beauty Solutions to Organise Your Products Like a Pro

16 March 2016

Maximising your beauty space is one of the most fun and challenging aspects of any beauty regime. With so many bargains on big brands such as Dove and TRESemme at B&M it is so easy to stock up and save big.

To help, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite storage solutions to help you maximise your beauty space! Plus, we’ve highlighted a few of the products we use the most, why not share yours?

Designer Drawers

We’ve got some absolutely gorgeous drawer storage boxes which are both quirky and quaint! If you love your vintage and chic fashion, these are ideal! Coming in 6 drawer varieties, they’re perfect for little lipsticks and nail polish holders – why not have one dedicated to one colour? They won’t look out of place in any home, a cute multipurpose storage solution! You can even fit face wipes in the bottom drawer – ensuring you’ll always know where they are!

Boxing Clever

We absolutely love the vintage wooden look – so it goes without saying that a personal favourite of ours these gorgeous perfume and makeup storage boxes. With 3 to choose from these cute little boxes are the ideal size for housing your shampoos and conditioners – plus if you’re into upcycling you could even add your own design to the side!

Quirky Display

An idea straight out of left field… why not show off your beauty range by placing them on a cake stand?! Cake stands are always, without fail, beautifully made – so why not adapt one to your own needs and use them for your favourite products? You could have one shelf for lipstick, another for nail polish: plus there’s no fumbling around in drawers trying to find the one you want!

Off the Hook

Tangled wires are quite possibly one of the more annoying problems to deal with – but B&M’s brainy beauty buyers have come up with the perfect solution: Door hooks! Don’t think of them as places for hanging your coats…. Think of them as a place to hang your straighteners! Loop your bigger hair styling products over the hooks and cut out those pesky tangles! It even keeps them away from anything which could burn – a win-win!

Now you’ve read our hottest storage tips, why not try them with your favourite beauty products such as Dove and TRESemme? With so many ways to store your beauty accessories, our savvy solutions will maximise your storage and bring order to your daily beauty routines. 

Let us know via Facebook or twitter what your favourite storage solution is! We’d love to know so we can try them ourselves!