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Bitesize Baking Tips from B&M

16 September 2015


The art of baking can be a daunting task at first glance, so we’ve brought together some top tips to help ensure you avoid a soggy bottom.

Silicone Solutions

Silicone baking products are incredibly useful compared to other styles. Silicone utensils, like baking trays and rolling pins, are extremely easy to clean, requiring just a standard wash without any of the elbow ache from repetitive scrubbing. They’re also much more practical when removing cakes from the tin, allowing you to gently pop the cake out without having to bang the underside or scrape the sides with a knife! You can whisk your mess away!

Make Mess Fun

Baking can be messy, especially if your own little chefs get involved, so it’s good to try and minimise some of the mess while still keeping it fun! If you’re flowering or powdering your cake, do it over the sink to ensure any excess spray gets washed away easily. Perhaps you could invest in some aprons for you and the kids?

Give your Cake Room to Breath

It’s extremely tempting to fill a baking tin to the brim with the mixture that you’ve lovingly created. But try not to; it leaves no room for the cake to rise and therefore when it rises it can’t expand as much. Try using smaller tins, or perhaps even make lots of little cakes? Dainty cakes look way better and you don’t need to share them out with as much difficulty.

Plan Your Pans

It’s a good idea to have a range of different sized pans and trays so you can make cakes of all sizes! Betty Winters does an amazing range of trays and tins, all designed to fit any size of cake – and better yet, they’re non-stick! From muffins to large cakes, you can measure them off and produce the best cake spread ever! Less stickiness equals less mess and a much nicer tasting cake.


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