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Decorate Your Home for Halloween for Less Than £20

24 October 2016

Halloween is a wonderful time of year for both kids and big kids, but it can also be a very expensive time, especially if you're buying expensive costumes for the little ones to dress up as their favourite characters.

But what if we told you that you could save money by decorating your home for Halloween for less than £20? Sounds impossible, right? Well, here at B&M we're not only claiming that it's possible, we’re going to show you exactly how to do it with a range of amazing value Halloween decorations!

1) 10 Ghost String LEDs - Blue - £3.99

These spooky blue lights are guaranteed to add atmosphere to any home. String them up inside for a party or outside to scare any trick or treaters that dare enter your haunted house!

Our lights come in either Blue or Warm White but we personally think the blue glow adds an eerie paranormal element to proceedings!

Total so far: £3.99

2) Halloween Light Up Gauze Garland 30 LED - Purple - £3.99

The Light Up Gauze is infused with 35 bright purple LEDs and is perfect for giving the house a dilapidated effect, reminiscent of the abandoned houses in a lot of spooky stories for kids. The lights also add to the haunted atmosphere that the Ghost String LEDs create.

Our Light Up Gauze comes in Purple or Orange, but we think that the purple option goes with the blue from the Ghost LEDs much better.

Total so far: £7.98

3) Light Up Spiderweb 35 LED - £3.99

What's better matched with the cobweb effect of the Light Up Gauze than an actual spider web decoration? Pair the two together, just like in the scene above, to make a great statement piece on one wall or split them up to create a more subtle effect.

Our Light Up Spiderweb only comes with clear lights, making it stand out perfectly from the cold ambience that the other decorations have created.

Total so far: £11.97

4) Halloween Strobe Light - £2.69

Now that you have the ambient side of the lights down, it's time to add the part that makes you jump! This amazing Strobe Light can be mounted on the wall or used freestanding and it flashes up to 10 times per second!

The flashing effect is perfect for making people jump when they enter the room and adding a sense of mock-danger to the mood lighting.

Total so far: £14.66

5) Hanging Fancy Dress Skeleton - Black Dress - £1.49

With the lights complete it's time to add some physical decorations to the mix. This spooky skeleton prop is a great way to add some fear to your haunted house. It works great when paired up with the Strobe Light as a centre piece, with the light flashing on the skeleton while it bobs around.

This decoration comes in five other varieties: Bride, Groom, Red Dress, Glitter Waistcoat and Reaper. We like the Black Dress version best as the funeral-style clothing makes it the most morbid!

Total so far: £16.15

6) Halloween Bowl - Trick or Treat - £1

At £1, this Halloween Bowl is an absolute steal, which is especially scary to us as retailers! A lot of families are happy to hand out their sweets in a standard bowl but this spooky bowl adds a nice touch by sticking to the scary theme.

After the trick or treaters have all gone to bed you can still use this bowl for snacks during your Halloween party or even use for apple bobbing!

Total so far: £17.15

7) Halloween Goblet - Purple - 89p

Themed tableware is often overlooked at parties, but at B&M we know how important it is. This Halloween Goblet is the ultimate way to drink at a Halloween party, and the spooky tableware will show guests that you've really gone the extra mile. Why not serve blood red drinks to go even further?

The Goblets also come in Red and Clear versions, but the purple option sticks with the colour scheme of the lights, giving a creepy, cold atmosphere to the room!

Grand total: £18.04

So there you have it, not only can you decorate your house for Halloween for £20, you can do it with £1.96 to spare! Enough to buy a few packs of sweets for the trick or treaters.

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