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Five Father’s Day Favourites

18 June 2015

Don’t panic… but Father’s Day is almost upon us! This most gentlemanly of days is one which we ALWAYS seem to leave till the last minute; but don’t despair, as there’s a whole host of great gift ideas to pick up for the father figure in your life. Our Father’s Day products make the whole process so much easier, all you need to do now is to decide how much you’re willing to spend!

On a budget?

If money’s an issue (pay day’s not till next week, we’ve all been there) then why not pick up a small gift; there’s a variety of classy looking watches which are all priced at under £5! These leather strapped timepieces are perfect as a small addition to a larger gift. Why not pair one of these watches up with a bottle of his favourite drink?


Speaking of alcohol, we stock a variety which is large enough to ensure even the pickiest of drinkers will be happy. From whiskey to beer, rum to cider, we’ve got everything you need to see dad tipsy... just make sure you’ve got your camera ready!


If you’re feeling flush why not think about investing in a BBQ? Don’t think of it as a gift just for dad, think of it as a gift for the family! Any self-respecting BBQ receiver would feel ashamed if they didn’t put that BBQ to good use… so sit back, kick your feet up and watch the BBQ King serve up his usual menu of “well done” burgers, hot dogs and meat. At least you know it’s cooked… right?


Father’s Day is a double-edged sword; you want to spend time with him… but at the end of the day, you can’t wait to get home! Make it easier by providing all the camping equipment your father needs to head out with his mates (or you, if you’re lucky). We’ve got all you need, including pop up tents and stoves – just be sure you check the weather first. We can’t control that!


Finally, if your dad is less of an outdoor lover and more of a techy, then why not cater to his interests? He’ll love it if you buy him a new pair of headphones so he can blast out all his old music, or perhaps even try and push him onto the Selfie Stick bandwagon! Even if it’s just for the laugh you’ll get as he tries to perfect his pout.