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Halloween Party Checklist

11 October 2016


“And I didn’t forget a single thing…,” said no party host, ever.

When you’re planning a Halloween party there can be a surprising number of things to arrange and organise, so are you really prepared for your party? Are you sure?!

Answer the following questions to find out:

Did you remember to actually invite people to your party?

Sounds like a daft question but consider how many have confirmed and then start pestering the non-responders with a friendly text or email. Once you’re certain of numbers you can make sure you’ve got enough space, chairs, snacks and drinks to cater for them all.

Did you arrange a babysitter?

There is nothing, NOTHING more painful than a delicate, post-party head combined with an energetic child.

If you haven’t organised a babysitter yet, make this a priority and ask, beg if necessary, for whoever’s watching your little one(s) to have them for as long as possible the day after your party.

What are you going to wear?

You’ve decided what to wear? Excellent.

Now go and put it on and see what’s missing. You might need some Kirby grips to secure that wig or hat in place, black nail varnish or face paints to complete the look or a pair of shoes that match your outfit.


Setting the mood: Have you got your Halloween tableware and decorations?

To set a fiendishly good tone for your evening you’ll need some Halloween decorations and accessories and that includes everything from plastic spiders, cobwebs and hanging skeletons to creepy Halloween tableware for snacks and drinks.

Setting the mood needn’t cost a fortune. You can find some great tips on sorting out budget-friendly Halloween tableware, decorations, drinks and nibbles in our B&M blog.


How will you entertain everyone?

Getting a bunch of your friends to dress up in Halloween costumes and get together for a drink may sound like the perfect recipe for a perfect party, but remember, although you know everyone who’s coming, they’re unlikely to know each other and even if they do, familiar faces may well be hidden behind masks and theatrical, bleeding scars.

Break the ice with a playlist of dancefloor fillers and arrange a few Halloween party games to help all of your guests relax and enjoy themselves.

Have you apologised to your neighbours?

No matter how considerate you hope to be, house parties create noise and it’s always wise to keep the neighbours happy by apologising to them in advance for any disturbance. Better yet, invite them and then get them to help out with the post-party clean up!

Have you got a taxi number for people who need to get home?

Just like Christmas, New Year, or the evening of any major sporting event, taxis can be difficult to track down on Halloween so help your guests get home by pinning up the numbers of local taxi firms or information about bus and train services somewhere in your kitchen.

Have you got all your post-party essentials?

The morning after the night before can be frightful, especially if you stagger into the bathroom and take a casual first glance in the mirror to realise you’ve still got your Halloween costume on!

Make life a little easier on yourself by stocking up now on a few post-party essentials including bin bags, washing-up liquid, surface spray and maybe some paracetamol too.

If you’ve got all those bases covered then you’re probably ready to relax and enjoy your Halloween party – well done!

If not, pop to your local B&M where you’ll find all the last minute bits of Halloween tableware, decorations, costume accessories, party snacks and drinks you need.


Can you think of anything else that should be on a Halloween party checklist? Share your top tips with us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.