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Jeepers Creepers! Best Kids' Costumes for Halloween

04 October 2017

Can you believe it’s October already? With all the woolly hats, pumpkin spice lattes and crispy leaves you’d be forgiven for forgetting that this means only one thing… Halloween is just around the corner!

Ahh, Halloween - when else can you justify buying five family-sized packets of sweets? But when it comes to kids’ Halloween costume ideas, don’t hide away in fright… we’ve got more Halloween costumes for toddlers and children than you can shake a broomstick at!

Here are our top scary, wacky and funny kids’ Halloween costumes to make for a frightfully good All Hallow’s Eve.

Night of the Living Dead!

Zombie Costume

You can’t go wrong with a classic zombie Halloween costume, and this adorable child’s addition is perfect for your little terror. With a full outfit and horrifying half-skeleton mask - you’d be forgiven for thinking there was a full on zombie attack going on!

Killer Clown!

Clown Costume

This nightmare-inducing clown costume is perfect for little ones who want to terrify their friends at the Halloween party. With a seriously scary mask and matching outfit, this costume is not for the faint of heart! 


A Fairy Tale with a Terrifying Twist!

Red Riding Hood Costume

When it comes to the best kids’ Halloween costumes, nothing quite beats that scary fairy tale look, and this creepy-as-heck Red Riding Hood costume ticks all the boxes. Pair with a woven basket of red apples and you’ve got yourself some pretty frightening fashion!


Day of the Dead!

Day of the Dead Costume

This cute and creepy costume is covered in silver skulls and pink roses, to give your little girls’ Halloween costume a stylish twist. With classic Day of the Dead faces, and gothic netting, your little one will be the envy of all her friends this Halloween.

Dastardly Devil!

Devil Costume

If your little horror wants to dress up as something super scary this halloween, why not go for this startling satan costume? This ghoulish creation features hellish flames and a horrifying mask to give everyone the heebie-jeebies this Hallow’s Eve!

A Creepy Count!

Count Dracula Costume

Complete with a cool cape, blood red waistcoat and vampire-worthy bow tie, this creepy Count Dracula costume is perfect for kids who want to turn into blood-sucking ghouls for the night. Just don’t let them come into contact with sunlight!

Why so Serious?

Jester Costume

This creepy court jester costume is a great choice for girls who want a unique outfit this Halloween. It comes complete with a Queen of Hearts-style dress and, of course, that classic jester headpiece. Team with some black and white face paint to complete the look.


Monster Costume

Turn your little monster into Frankenstein this Halloween, with this super-cool costume. This outfit comes complete with a monstrous head piece with scars and bolts - making your child look like a real monster!

There’s a Werewolf on the Loose!

Werewolf Costume

How scary is this werewolf costume? The outfit comes complete with a terrifying mask, showing those sharp yellow fangs! Full moon optional.


Have you bought any B&M kids’ Halloween costumes? Share your little horrors with the B&M community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Oh, and happy Halloween!








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