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Keep Your Skin Beautiful This Autumn

01 September 2015

Protect Your Skin, It’s The Only One You’ve Got

The autumnal period is arguably one of the hardest times of year to look after your skin in. The weather gets just that little bit colder, skin starts to dry out and you’re more likely to fall foul of that big red nose! But don’t fear, we’ve got some top tips to help your skin survive this season.

More Moisturising

It’s not rocket science, but moisturising your skin truly does do it the world of good. Banish that horrible dry skin by using an oil based moisturiser, which will give your skin a protective layer. Why not try an in-shower one like Nivea’s Almond Oil moisturiser for the protection your skin needs.

B&M Top Tip: Don’t bath! By all means wash, (please) but soaking in the bath takes some of the natural moisturising oil that your body creates away.

Wipe your Troubles Away

There’s nothing worse than getting in from work and feeling like your skin is incredibly heavy – makeup doesn’t feel good on your skin after a hard day! Use high quality face wipes to ensure all that makeup comes off… and stop any leftover make up skin irritation. Why not try anti-wrinkle wipes? The best form of protection is precaution!

Softly, Softly

Skin care should be pleasurable as well as rejuvenating; natural oils are the perfect solution. You should try and only use ingredients that are close to what your skin produces, such as Jojoba oil (pronounced HO-HO-ba) one of the most similar to human skin oil. It’s used to trick the skin into thinking it’s producing enough oil, in order to balance oil production.

B&M Top Tip: Perfect for anyone suffering from acne, as it won’t block your pores.

Too Hot to Be Cold, Too Cold to Be Hot

You know the feeling; it’s too cold for warm clothing, yet too warm for a big coat. What’s the end result? Clammy sweats… so make sure you’ve stocked up on cooling deodorant, which will help to take the sting out of the clamminess. For those who don’t like deodorant (because of irritation) then try some smart roll ons; quick drying and less likely to cause irritation.

Why not take inspiration from Nivea’s entire range? They’ve got everything you’ll ever need for daily life; protect your skin today – it’ll thank you in the future! Click here for our full product range