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Let Febreze Freshen Your Home in Time for Christmas for Under £14

23 November 2016

Christmas is a festival for the senses. While we all love the fresh scents of pine bursting from the tree and the aromatic spices exuding from simmering mulled wine, there are some less than desirable scents we could do without. Strong cheeses like Blue Stilton or Stinking Bishop, as well as the pong of Brussels sprouts (and their less than flattering after-effects) are enough to put people off their Christmas dinner.

So we’ve come up with a list of great Febreze air fresheners and odour eliminators that will still give your home a wonderfully wintry fragrance, while masking those unwanted smells. All for less than £14!

Febreze Diffuser Reeds - £2.99

Diffusers are a great addition to social spaces like living rooms, but their subtle release of fragrance works just as well in smaller rooms. Try them in bathrooms and porches; they’ll have greater impact in hallways and reception areas where your guests will get a warming whiff as soon as they arrive.

The Febreze Reed Diffuser lasts up to 5 weeks, giving you freshness all the way through December.

Febreze Candle - £1.69

Scented candles give a long-lasting fragrance that fills the room and the Febreze Candle is no different. And in two winter-warmer scents, there’s a fragrance for various parts of the house. Why not fill living rooms or reception areas with the inviting smell of Vanilla Latte? All the while the smell of Spiced Apple, with its hint of cloves and cinnamon, tempt friends and family into the kitchen.

Ambi Pur 3Volution Starter Kit - £4.49

If you’re one of those people who goes “nose-blind” too easily, Ambi Pur’s 3Volution Starter Kit is the ideal air freshener solution.

Lasting up to 90 days, this plug-in alternates between three fragrances, switching scents every 45 minutes so you get a fresh blast of new smells throughout the day.

Ambi Pur 3Volution Refill - £2.99

Don’t forget your re-fills! The Starter Kit is no good without Ambi Pur 3Volution Refills. There are tons of different fragrances to choose from, but at Christmas time there’s nothing better than the smell of Spiced Apple, with its oh-so tempting suggestions of cinnamon and hot mulled wine.

Febreze Air Effects 300ml - £1.49

And where would we be without our trusty air freshener spray? Febreze Air Effects 300ml is perfect for homes in need of a quick blast of freshness. And thanks to its unique odour eliminating technology, Air Effects won’t just mask smells. It targets bad smelling particles and replaces them with the warm, inviting scent of Spiced Apple.

Grand total = £13.65

And there you have it, you’re now fully prepared to keep your home smelling festively fresh from the start of December, over Christmas and right through to the New Year.

What’s your favourite Christmas smell? We’d love to know what fragrance instantly transforms you into a winter wonderland. Share your stories with us and our fans on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

*Prices correct as of date of publication: 23/11/2016


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