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Money Saving Tips To Make Laundry a Breeze!

26 February 2016

Have you ever wondered how to keep your washing machine in fighting shape? Or why at times the sweet smell that you’d expect when a wash is finished isn’t there?

We’ve got the answers you’ve been searching for! Plus, we’ve highlighted some hints and tips that will keep your laundry perfect!

Don’t overdo it

Perhaps the biggest cause of many washing machine problems is a simple one – filling it up too much! Give your washing room to breathe by only filling it half way, allowing your favourite soap powder and conditioner to work their magic.

Smaller washes equal bigger results: so rather than wait for a big load, wash as you go and you’ll smell the rewards! 

Poke the Pockets

You’ve got your washing in the machine, loaded the powder and conditioner into it, clicked the switch, it starts to spin…. And then you realise you’ve left a £20 note in your jeans! We’ve all been there, so make sure it never happens again by always checking your pockets before washing. You never know, you might even find something in them you’ve been looking for!

It’s Getting Hot in Here…

Help your clothes by choosing the right temperature for them when washing. Whites and lights thrive under warm conditions, as the warmth helps to lift the dirt and stains right off!

Similarly, hotter water is perfect for the harder to clean items like towels, dish cloths and heavily stained clothes. Save your time by washing these separately in a hot wash to ensure that pesky bacteria is gone for good!

As cold as Ice…

It’s not only hot water which can be useful, a cold wash can also be used to your advantage! There’s a chance that washing in warm water can potentially soak stains into clothes, whereas cold water won’t! If you’re washing synthetic materials, a cold wash also ensures they don’t wrinkle or shrink (you may have seen dresses request a cold wash for this reason!)

B&M Top Tip: Cold washes also save you money! Part of the energy cost of a washing machine is heating the water up, so cut out the cost by cooling down your wash!

Buy Bigger – Save Money

It’s far better on your budget to buy in bulk rather than continuing to buy smaller products. When you buy a large detergent, you’re more likely to use the recommended portions as you know it’s got to last. Plus, you can buy enough for loads of washes at the same time, leaving you with more money in the long run to spend on other things! It’s a win-win!