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Pets do the Funniest Things

15 April 2016

It’s impossible to find someone who doesn’t love their pets like they’re a part of their family, and here at B&M we’re no different! In honour of it being National Pet Month, we’ve pulled together some of the funniest things we’ve seen pets do! Like they always say… never work with animals or children: here’s why!

Too big. Too small. Juuust right.

As humans, we try and sleep in a bed which is bigger than our body… in essence, the bigger the better! Pets on the other paw, would apparently much prefer sleeping in the smallest little space possible. We can’t quite put our finger on why… perhaps we’re doing it wrong and we should all be purrsuing the chance to sleep in the wardrobe! We’ll try this out and let you know…

In the meantime, why not test the theory by trying some of our comfy pet beds? You never know, your furry friend might want an upgrade!

Ball? Where? What Ball? I’ll Chase it! Throw it! Pleaseeeeeeeee

We never get tired of playing with our doggy friends, especially when a soft ball is involved! Have you ever seen the glee on their face when they go scampering away after it? It’s pawfect! Though, sometimes it’s easy to fool them in their delirious state… We’ve lost count of the times our pets have ran after a ball we haven’t even flung! Silly billys. Some dogs have even decided they don’t need their humans to play…

I’m Feline Good about this Clawthing

Hands up anyone who’s ever put a gorgeous little costume on their pet?! We’ve all had our one pet clothing moment, whether it’s a themed one such as Halloween or Christmas, or even just an adorable little coat! Though judging by this video, some pets can have a ruff time when we misjudge what they want to wear…

Pet jackets can be used for more than just making your pets look cute however, they’re perfect for keeping smaller dogs warm (and big dogs too!)

Rabbits and Hamsters and Guinea Pig’s… oh my!

Cats and dogs always get the headlines, but there’s a special place in our heart for the smaller pets! Ever since we saw Bambi, we’ve wanted our very own little Thumpers – but for a small animal, they can cause some absolute chaos! You’d think that their tiny stature would mean they don’t eat much… but as the video below proves, they’ll eat anything!

We’ve got loads of food and hay to help keep your smaller pets happy and fully fed! Check out our great pet range for all of the treats and goodies that we know your pet will love!