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Planning a Big Night In with the Kids for National Children’s Day UK

09 May 2017

It’s National Children’s Day UK on Sunday 14th May. Celebrate by getting the kids together and having A Big Night In. This is a great way to spend some quality family time together, by indulging in fun games, films and sweet treats – it’s all about spending a lovely, relaxing evening together.

Need some pointers on how to create A Big Night In? Here are a few ideas for inspiration...

Advertise the night! 

Get some A3 coloured card and some felt tip pens and build anticipation by advertising your Big Night In. Stick it around the house, and let the kids know that a Film Night is scheduled that evening. For extra special cosiness, hold the event in your bedroom, have the dress code as pyjamas, and huddle up together with the duvet. Load up on the cushions and blankets, so there are no arguments on who’s hogging what!


What would a film night be without some movie snacks? We suggest making life easy on yourself. Whack a few pizzas in the oven, get some very moreish popcorn snack packs from B&M, fill a bowl with Jelly Babies and for some juice or water, get a couple of these handy glass jars to avoid spillages.


OK, time to turn down the lights and turn up the volume! Get a family favourite - you can indulge in some 1980s nostalgia or watch something a little more contemporary from Pixar or Dreamworks. If you need some inspiration, browse through the DVD shelves at your local B&M store to see what grabs your fancy. Enjoy!

Got any other ideas on how to celebrate National Children’s Day UK on Sunday 14th May? Let us know what you’re getting up to by getting in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Main photo by Stone/Lennon © BuzzFeed



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