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Summer Skincare to Keep you Fresh

13 May 2016


The summer months are inching ever closer, so now is the perfect time to start stocking up on all the skincare products that you need! Our handy guide helps break down what each item does, so you know exactly what to get for your skin!

Maximise your Moisturiser

Moisturiser is designed for one major reason: to make your skin feel amazing. Over the course of the day our skin can dry out, it’s a natural process and one which moisturiser helps to counteract. The ideal moisturiser will make your skin feel healthy and give you a natural glow – without any stickiness or tightness. Why not browse our wide range of moisturisers, including Nivea, to find the one that suits you best?

Fresh Faced

Face wipes are quite possibly one of the nicest beauty products to come home to! There’s nothing better than wiping your makeup off after a long day, so make sure you’ve got plenty in the house for the hot months! Nivea’s Facial Cleansing Wipes even contain natural almond oil and Hydra IQ which help cleanse, tone and hydrate your skin!

B&M Top Tip: For skin that might need extra protection, why not try a face wipe that contains Vitamin E? (Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, which protects cell membranes)

It’s Always Sunny in…

With the sun shining, it’s important to remember to always keep your skin protected. Sun cream is super important, especially for the little ones! It’s a good idea to use as high a factor as you can for the kids, as if they’re anything like us when we were younger, the cream won’t stay on for long! Make sure to have a water resistant lotion such as this: it’s easy to forget to top up after you come out of the pool otherwise!

A Close Shave

There’s so many options when shaving: do you use foam, gel or wax? It’s all personal preference, but there are a few distinct features. They’re all used for the same purpose; to prevent your stubble drying out and make shaving easier. Gels offer a lot of lubrication, and are ideal if you’re trying to trim rather than shave an entire beard off. Creams on the other hand are perfect for tough stubble and help to avoid your skin drying out.

B&M Top Tip: Use a post shave balm to soothe any irritation and help your skin feel both smooth and fresh!





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