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The Best Alternatives to Chocolate this Easter

20 March 2017

Ahh, Easter! The only time other than Christmas when it’s socially acceptable to put yourself into a food coma through chocolate alone! Here in the B&M office, we love a good Easter egg as much as the next person, but sometimes - for one reason or another - chocolate is not always the answer. Perhaps you’d like to start incorporating some healthy easter egg ideas, maybe one of your children is unable to eat chocolate, or perhaps you just fancy a change.

Whatever your reasons for wanting some alternatives to chocolate easter eggs, we can find you something else.

Giant Fillable Easter Egg - £3.99

Giant Fillable Easter Egg

Are you doing an easter egg hunt for the kids (and big kids) this Easter? Rather than hiding chocolate mini eggs, we think that hiding lots of unique treats is a great way to revive the concept a little bit.

This giant easter egg is full of plastic mini eggs, in which you can put anything that’s small enough to fit. If you’re after some inspiration - what about lego characters, stickers or even some fruit pieces?

Make Your Own Easter Bonnet - £3.99

Make Your Own Easter Bonnet

Kids will absolutely love creating their own easter bonnets with this easy-to-use (and relatively mess free!) kit. Keep little hands out of mischief by letting them get crafty. There’s also a ‘make your own easter bunny’!

B&M Top Tip: these kits are great for kids’ craft or rainbows groups!

Good Boy Dog Easter Egg - £1.99

Why should your dog feel left out this easter? We all know that dogs can’t eat real chocolate, so here’s an egg made from doggie chocolate that little Buster can enjoy too!

Lucky Charms Cereal - £3.49

Lucky Charms

If you don’t fancy letting your kids have easter eggs for breakfast this year, give them Lucky Charms instead! This funky cereal has been popular with kids since the 60s, and features diamond charms (marshmallows) that they’ll love finding within the bowl. You may think that cereal that’s come over from the United States is expensive, but at just £3.49 a box - they’re an absolute steal!

Cookie Shape Sorter - £16.99

Cookie Shape Surprise

For babies, this Cookie Shape Sorter is a great alternative to real chocolate this easter. Your little one will be able to put their hand in the cookie jar and grab a magical surprise, which will teach them about number and letters.

The cookie jar sings fun songs when baby reaches into the pot, which are sure to make your little one giggle, and features a glowing red nose that lights up too!


Do you have any healthy ideas for easter that you’ll be giving your family this year? Share them with the rest of the B&M community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Happy Easter from all of us at the B&M office!


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