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The Perfect Biscuit for Every Occasion

10 August 2015

People don’t agree on what biscuit is best – it’s a fact of life. There’s biscuits that are great with tea, some you dunk, some you don’t, some with cream, some with fruit, some which you only eat at a certain time of day… in short, biscuits are an adaptable food.

We put our team to the task of trialling and testing this theory to discover if there is literally a biscuit for every time of day! Here is what our biscuit experts found out:

The breakfast biscuit is the most important meal of the day – make your morning biscuit a good one!

For the veteran biscuit eaters among you, the digestive is king; combining a sweet taste with crumbly texture.

But, if you fancy something a bit different, why not try a Morning Coffee Biscuit! Could a biscuit be any more time appropriate?

It’s time for a quick break, the kids have run you ragged… so get the biccies out! A Ginger Nut is a cult favourite, the hint of spice providing the kick needed to soldier on through the day!

Alternatively, cause some debate with the choice of a Nice biscuit – do you love it or hate it? (Fun fact: The name comes from the French region, not the description of how good the biscuit tastes!)

Biscuits have a reputation for being plain, but that’s definitely not the case! There’s so many varieties that you’ll find one for every occasion.

For instance, why not try some fruit based biscuits like Coconut Rings or Fruit Shortcake for a lunchtime snack that’s sure to wake you up – plus they’re fruity, so they’re healthy, right?

By the time it’s mid-afternoon we all need an extra burst of energy to ensure we’re not sleeping on our feet, so make sure you’re raring to go with a Jam & Cream Sandwich (no, not with bread!) or the nation’s favourite, the Custard Cream.

How do you eat your Custard Cream? Bite the top off, eat the cream, and then finish the biscuit? Bite the whole thing at once? Fling it up in the air and see if you can catch it in your mouth?

It’s been a hard day, you’ve finally got your feet up, the telly’s on and the biscuits are out in force – it’s time for a biscuit debate!

Dark chocolate or Milk chocolate? Which would you rather have? Try putting the biscuits in the fridge before eating them for a sweet surprise! Maybe even treat yourself to a bourbon, after a hard day, you deserve it!

How do you think the team did? Do you have a preferred biscuit of choice? let us know!