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The Spookiest Decorations for a Halloween Party to Die For!

12 October 2017

 Halloween Wipe Clean Tablecloth - Boo! - 312712

The scariest time of year is approaching which means it's time to start preparing for your Halloween party.

With plenty of family and friends coming round for a night of scary fun, make sure your house is decorated with the scariest of accessories. Follow our Halloween decorations guide to make your house as spooky as possible!

Frightful Outdoors

Zombie Ground Breaker - 326122

Scare your guests before they've even walked through the front door with an array of outdoor decorations.

Light up your house with this incredible Projector Light Show, which beams spiders onto the front of your home. And give family and friends a terrible fright with this Zombie Ground Breaker, making it look like the undead are coming for them from beyond the grave!

Wicked Windows

Orange Halloween Curtain Lights 50pk - 326147

You'll be sure to make your party guests jump when they see the Window-Peeping Grim Reaper looking back at them. Who wouldn’t? It’s a guaranteed fright!

Meanwhile you can create a gloomy atmosphere with these creepy Curtain Lights, which feature 50 orange LEDs that comfortably hang down over your window.

Terrifying Table Decorations

Witch Table Leg Covers - Purple - 326252

Every party needs a table where people can come together to eat and drink, so make sure yours looks the part!

Use the Wipe Clean Tablecloth, which comes in a variety of designs, to keep your table clean. Also, dress up your chair’s legs with these spooky Witch Leg Covers. Place them on any chair or table leg for a unique Halloween decoration.

B&M Top Tip: Don't forget, your guests will need something to drink from so grab some Halloween Swirly Straw Tumblers. Several designs are available for both children and adults!

Party Room from Hell

Your living room or dining room is where you'll need to go all-out in order to scare your friends!

Before they enter the room, give them a scary start with the help of this Gruesome & Gory Door Curtain. Pick between a variety of designs like Creepy Carnival and Zombie Outbreak, depending on your theme.

Once in the room, you’ll want your guests to jump out of their skin and the Hanging and Moving Bat above their heads is sure to make that happen. The spooky bat moves and makes noises while hanging from the ceiling!

Halloween Wall Decorating Kit - Haunted House - 313240

Finally, the best piece of decoration you’ll need is Halloween Wall Decorating Kit. With plenty of design choices available, and a bargain at just £2.99, there's so much inside to make your home as scary as possible.

It includes two wall scenes and 30 assorted stickers for around the room and house. Ideal for your Halloween spook-tacular!

Do you have any Halloween decorating tips for a party? If so, let the B&M community know on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


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