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The Ultimate Back To School Checklist

03 August 2017

This year is going so quickly, don’t you think? It’s August already, meaning that parents and pupils all over the country are starting to think about going back to school next month.

There seems to be more and more stuff to buy every year, but don’t despair! Here’s a list of fab back to school supplies, so you’ll feel relaxed and ready to wave the kids off in September.

B&M Top Tip: If you can't find what you're looking for here, head over to our Back to School section - your one stop shop for all your school needs!


Pencil Top Erasers 25pk - 69p

Pencil Erasers

These pencil top erasers are great for both young children and older kids alike! We all know how frustrating it can be to make a mistake, only to discover that you’ve worn the eraser on the top of your pencil down. Well, now your kids can just pop one of these on the end of their pencil, and erase to their heart’s content!


Staedler Colour Pencils 25pk - £4.99

Coloured Pencils

These huge packs of coloured pencils have every colour your child will need at school. Each one features a special anti-break coating, meaning they’re more durable than ever, as well as a hexagonal shape for extra comfort and control during use.

Ball Point Pens 10pk - £1.49

Pack of Pens

No pencil case of school supplies is complete without a few ballpoint pens, and this handy set is less than £2! What’s more, they’re specially designed to last longer than standard ballpoint pens, meaning that you won’t have to buy more for a good amount of time.

Bright Ring Binder - £1

Bright Folder

Pupils, especially those in high school, need to keep organised. This funky bright ring binder holds A4 paper, and is available in pink, green, orange, purple and blue.

B&M Top Tip: why not collect more colours and use them for each school subject?

Foldable Everyday Lunch Cool Bag - £2.99

Lunch Bags

This cool-as-a-cucumber insulated lunch bag is perfect for keeping food cold during the first half of the school day. It can be hand-held, or can even go over the shoulder with its longer strap, for extra comfort when carrying. There’s also a choice of colours and styles: blue stripe / zig zag, grey stripe, pink stripe, purple zig zag and red zig zag.

A4 Pukka Pads Notepad - £2.49

Pukka Pad

This 200 page A4 jotta pad is perfect for note-taking. Each page inside the book is micro-perfed, allowing pages to be ripped out with ease if needed. The notepad’s simple but colourful design means that it’s perfect for all age groups, and will look just as much at home on the desk of a primary pupil as that of a high school student.

Self-Adhesive Book Covering 5m - £1.99

Book Covering

If your child is in high school, chances are they’ll need their books backed at some point. This self-adhesive book covering is really easy to use, and protects school books from dirt, spills and rips.

B&M Top Tip: to use this book covering, simply measure it alongside your book and cut it accordingly. Press it against the book and voila! You have a perfectly backed book.

Hobby World A3 Drawing Pad - £1.49

A3 Drawing Pad

If your little one is a budding artist, this pad is the perfect addition to their school bag in September. It features 60 pages of good quality A4 drawing paper, which is ideal for sketching colouring and drawing - either at school or in their spare time.

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