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This Is What The End Of Your Tape Measure Is Actually Used For

08 September 2016

There are some basic home items that are simply essentially. From sellotape to hammers, there are loads of things that you need to have ‘just in case.’ You likely already have a tape measure lying around in a drawer somewhere. (Oh, and if you don’t, you should seriously invest in one. At B&M, we sell a rather brilliant Black & Decker one!) While people tend to have a general idea of how to use these things, there is one aspect that seems to baffle most of us… the end of the measure.

Black & Decker Tape Measure, £4.99

On all tape measures, you will find a tiny metal hook at the end. You’ve probably ignored this thing completely in the past, but when you think about it, it’s kind of odd. So, what is it really for?

Well, it may surprise you to learn that there are many ways that you can use this tiny piece of metal. Despite what you may think, this is not something that just looks pretty. Nope, it is a really useful design feature that you should probably start taking advantage of right now.

1. That little hole is for nails

Via YouTube

If you take a close look at the metal, you should notice that there is a little hole or ‘slot’ in the side of it. What is this mysterious little gap for, eh? Well, you can use that to hook over nails in the wall when you want to measure something. That means that you no longer have to fidget, trying to hold both ends of the tape... and usually failing miserably.

2. The serrated edge is for scribing

Via YouTube

Now, let’s move onto the edge of the metal hook. When you take a real look at it, you will see that it’s serrated. There is a really good reason for that! You can use the edge of the metal to scribe on walls and wood. If you don’t have a pencil handy, just push it into the surface to make a light mark.

3. You can hook it over objects

Via YouTube

When you’re measuring an object, such as a table or a door, that little hook will be your best buddy. All you need to do is hook the metal over the edge of the object to keep it in place. This cheeky little hack will save you time and stress when you’re next measuring things!


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