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Top Tips for Cold Relief This Winter

13 November 2015

Don’t let cold and flu symptoms stop you in your tracks this winter. Take a look at our top tips for surviving the cold weather this year.

Chicken soup – not just an old wives’ tale

Yes, chicken soup really does cure a cold! It acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps with the movement of mucus through the nose, relieving congestion.

And it’s not just the chicken variety that keeps nasty colds at bay (although it is considered to be best). Any kind of soup or broth will increase recovery time, especially those loaded with vegetables.

Keep it sweet with honey & lemon

Then most common remedies are usually the best ones and that’s certainly the case for cold and sore throat relief.

Studies suggest that just 10 grams of honey is enough to ease the symptoms of a sore throat in children. Its antibacterial properties help relieve symptoms quickly and it can also reduce swelling.

B&M Top Tip: NEVER give honey to children under 1 year old. While harmless to adults, cases of botulism (rare but fatal condition) have been recorded in infants having been fed honey.

Clear your airwaves with Airpure Candles

Despite all the remedies and cold and flu medicines, sometimes getting sick is inevitable. But keeping your airwaves clear is easy with this simple candle solution.

Just light the wick of the Airpure Vapour Release Candle and experience the soothing properties of its special oil and wax blend.

The eucalyptus vapour fills the air and acts as an easy remedy for nasal congestion. Available now at B&M stores





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