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Washing Machine Hints and Tips

29 July 2015

Washing machines are one of life’s luxuries that we simply cannot live without… summed up by the feelings of despair when they stop working! This doesn’t have to be a common occurrence though; just a few easy steps can help propel your washing machine to a long, long lifespan.

(If you keep reading, you might even get the chance to win a sparkling new one!)

Disinfect your Dispenser

When was the last time you cleaned your dispenser? It’s an easy cycle to just put washing in, fill it up with cleaning products and turn it on. But, that’s not the best way to ensure clean washing! You’ll be horrified to see what the dispenser looks like when it’s pulled out… but don’t worry! It’s super easy to clean. Try steeping it in a little bit of bleach overnight, or add white vinegar to the dispenser and turn the empty washing machine on for a couple of washes. Spotless in no time!

Brands are Better

It’s so tempting to use the cheaper options when washing... but just think; if there’s one thing you want to scrimp on, is it really the way your clothes smell? Brands provide that extra bit of quality, thanks to the amount of testing which is carried out on them beforehand. Plus, there’s less chance of your machine being clogged with the big brand products. Why not try some Surf Fabric Powder or Persil Detergent. Fun fact: We sell branded washing powders and detergents for way cheaper than other retailers – who needs the cheap alternative when you’ve got us?

Overloading Overload

Arguably the biggest cause of washing machine failure is overloading – think of it like a car. Imagine the tiniest vehicle you can, filled to the brim with people… you’ll be lucky if it starts! A washing machine is the same, the items inside need room to move when they’re being washed, so don’t cram too much in. Plus, the clothes simply don’t get clean when there’s so much in the machine; they rub together and begin linting. Smaller washes are the solution – it’s worth it in the long run.

Clothing Symbols

If universities offered courses on how to decipher the symbols for washing on clothes, they’d have full classes all of the time. We’ve included a handy little guide so you can easily see what they all mean. You’re welcome!


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