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Back To School Checklist: Which School Supplies Will You Need This Year?

01 August 2019

We all wish that summer lasted forever, but the autumn term seems to creep up on us out of the blue every time! Luckily, B&M has just the thing. See below for a handy back to school checklist featuring a wide range of cheap school supplies to make your life a whole lot easier!

1. Stationery

back to school pens & pencils

Stationery is at the top of the list of everyone’s back to school supplies! A good approach is to buy it in sets. This helps to save money and ensure that there’s nothing you’ve forgotten. We love this brilliant Bic School Set, containing everything your youngster will need for the new term!

In addition, buying a large pack of pencils saves you money and helps you stay well-stocked. For something fun and practical, add a little colour to your kid’s school bag with these awesome tinted pencil cases!

Pens are a must-have too, and what’s better than regular pens? Erasable pens! These cool Frixion pens allow kids to scrub out ugly mistakes, making their work look spotless.

For colour-coded underlining or editing - or just a little creative flair - we also stock these bright and funky 4-colour pens from Bic that your kids will love. Or, for something even more daring and fun, help them be the talk of the classroom with this amazing unicorn horn Skwisheez pen!

2. Pencil Case

back to school pencil cases

Of course, after completing your back to school shopping for stationery, you’ll need something to put it in! Our selection of pencil cases is bang on trend - we love this fresh-looking fruit wedge design - it comes in a lime and orange version too.

3. Exercise Books, Diaries

back to school notepadds

Organisation is everything - you’re busy too, and the more your little student can keep track of their own schedule, the better. Find fantastic, easy to use academic diaries at B&M to help you.

Exercise books and reference books are also a vital element of your back to school shopping. Their work will be beautifully presented in one of our neat exercise books and project books, and you can help them get ahead by investing in our bumper English and Maths workbooks - available for ages 3+, 5+, 7+ and 9+.

4. Revision Aids

back to school revision cardsWhether your youngster is delving into the scary world of exam revision or just looking for something to help them with memorizing or focusing on particular pieces of information, a highlighter is a must-have. Here’s a fantastic 10 pack of highlighters, bursting with colour; perfect for little hands - plus, you’ll never run out!

Revision cards, too, should be high on your list of cheap school supplies to grab. They’re really useful tools to help your kid test themselves on certain facts or to assist them when doing any kind of presentation. Check out our range of revision cards:

5. Lunchbox

back to school lunch box

Give your little one’s lunch set up a new lease of life with this super cool 3D L.O.L. Surprise! lunch bag complete with a bottle pouch on the side to keep everything together. We’ve got even more back to school lunchboxes in our Kids Accessories section, so take a look!

6. ...And Lunchbox Essentials

lunchbox essentialsBut what’s the good in a lunch box if it’s not crammed with goodies for your little ones? We have a wide range of back to school lunchbox essentials to give them something to look forward to every lunchtime. Our range includes Walkers Sunbites Grain Waves, Capri-Sun 10 x 200ml pouches in Orange and Blackcurrant flavours, and even sandwiches - never dread packing lunches again!

7. Water Bottle

Don’t forget to invest in at least one spare water bottle - they often go missing! We’ve got a wide range of bright colours and fun designs. Or why not keep a 6 pack of Glaceau Smartwater handy, sourced from British springs?

8. P.E. Kit and Other Sportswear

It’s important to keep their P.E. kit regularly washed and topped up. If they go for school swimming lessons, make sure that their costume or trunks still fit them before sending them away!

9. Vital Accessories

back to school accessories

The finishing touches are a very important element of back to school shopping. For example, many schools require long hair to be tied back to protect from dirt, food and headlice. Choose from our cool scrunchies or metal-free hair elastics and keep your kid’s hair protected, clean and healthy.

You should also supply your child with fresh white socks for the new term - don’t miss them off your list of back to school supplies, as old ones become washed out, threadbare and faded very quickly!

10. Backpack

Of course, they’ll need something to carry all this in! Grab them a good sturdy backpack to round off your back to school checklist.

11. Anything Else

All of these cheap school supplies can be found in any B&M store. If you’re on the lookout for a specific bargain for a child going back to school, supplies of all kinds can be found by browsing our dedicated Back to School section.

B&M Top Tip: Prepare to keep your kids’ uniforms spotless and clean by stocking up from our laundry range before the start of term!

Feeling proud? Share pics of your little ones ready to head back to school - lunch boxes, book bags and all - with the B&M Community via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

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