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Recipe: GIANT Reeses Peanut Butter Cup

30 April 2021

We LOVE Reeses, which is EXACTLY why we've supersized a peanut butter cup!

It looks impressive but it's definitely worth making - and will keep you going for a few days for sure!

Fancy making it? Just follow the steps in our video and the recipe below!


600g Icing Sugar
600g Peanut Butter
100g Butter
700g Dark Chocolate


1. Line the bottom of a tart tin with baking parchment. A tin with a removable bottom will be easiest for this recipe.
2. Melt the chocolate in the microwave in 15 second bursts until fully melted. Pour in the bottom of the tin, around 0.5 cm thick. Chill in the fridge for about 30 mins.
3. Melt the butter slightly, then add into a mixing bowl with the peanut butter and icing sugar. Mix together thoroughly. The mixture will be crumbly and dry, you may need to use your hands eventually. Don’t worry, this is how it should be!
4. Once your chocolate base is set, carefully start forming your peanut butter layer. Try to leave a 0.5-1cm gap around the edge.
5. Pour over the remaining chocolate, ensuring it wills all around the edge and you have a smooth surface on top.
6. Pop in the fridge for at least an hour.
7. Remove from the tin, slice up and enjoy!

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