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7 Ways to Have Fun in the Sun with your Dog

01 June 2017

Summer is made for spending time with your dog. Gone are the rain-soaked walkies during dark winter nights. When the days are long and the sun is out, we all need to make the most of it. Organising days out and events is a great way of celebrating the dog in your life and a way for both of you to have a lot of fun in the sun.

Here are some suggestions on how to while away those hazy, lazy days of summer...

A day at the beach


No place in the UK is more than two hours from the sea, so Google your nearest dog-friendly beach and plan a day trip. Time it for when the tide is out and your dog will love the wide expanse of sand and running towards the shoreline. Bring a rope tug toy and a picnic and make a day of it. Oh and don’t forget a big beach towel to dry off dogs who like a paddle.

A road trip

The sun’s shining, your favourite tune’s on the radio and it’s just you and your dog on the open road – what’s not to love? Most dogs love car journeys, so plan a trip out to visit a friend or family. Remember to break the journey up so your dog can run around and have a drink. Dog car seat covers are brilliant for long car journeys and can be washed and reused.


If you’ve not heard of geocaching before – prepare to get hooked. This is the modern day treasure hunt, but on a global scale. You and your dog get to the nearest forest or wood and switch on your phone’s GPS to follow the coordinates. You’ll discover hidden “geocache” (normally little tokens and a notepad to jot the time and date of your discovery). There are millions of these all over the world, just download the app to get started. These pooch macs are good if the weather takes a turn, and of course, doggy bags should always be packed.

Make frozen treats 

When the sun’s beating down, it’s important to keep your dog cool and hydrated. We love making our mutts some icy treats – or pupsicles. Just combine strawberries, melon, yoghurt and even a bit of doggy chocolate into an ice pop mould and freeze. Dogs also love savoury ones too – mix no-salt chicken stock with mashed veg and freeze for a doggy treat to enjoy in the sun.

Have a water fight

If there is no hosepipe ban in your region, having a water fight with your dog is a great way of having fun in the sun. Some dogs aren’t fans of water but if your pup is up for being sprayed with the hosepipe, set up some games and have fun.

Go camping 

There are quite a few dog-friendly campsites around the UK. Have a look at what’s near you and plan a weekend camping trip. This is your dog’s idea of heaven. The great outdoors, nature and you close by. Your dog is free to wander around, enjoy titbits from the campfire and guard his master or mistress when you retire for the evening. Remember to keep the water bowl filled (we love this animal print double pet bowl in-store), and bring a flexi dog lead in case small children are camping nearby. 

Organise a barbecue 

The smell of sausages on a barbecue, lots of people to play with, scraps of food – your dog will be the heart and soul of your BBQ party. And so will you – get a load of food in, get friends and family to bring a bottle, and you have yourself a gathering that celebrates summer, friendships and good times.

What plans have you got for you and your dog this summer? Share your ideas and inspire us by joining the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!



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