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Fun & Ghoulish Ideas for Halloween Party Games

20 September 2016


Hosting a ghoulish gathering this Halloween? Then keep your vampires, witches and zombies entertained with a few party games!

Here are few ideas for games that are easy to organise, fun to play and most importantly, a little bit creepy:

1. Apple Bobbing

Sounds innocent enough, right? A few nice apples bobbing about in a big bowl of water that you’ve got to pick up using your teeth, but switch that water for full-fat milk mixed with red food colouring and all of a sudden you’ve got apples bobbing about in blood to sink your (vampire) teeth into. Gross.

2. Find the Spider

Hide some plastic spiders in bowls of things like brains (over-cooked pasta mixed with tinned tomatoes and sliced grapes), zombie vomit (a mixture of flour, water and small chewy sweets) or fairy and elf hearts (tomatoes, blanched with the skins removed).

Then stash those bowls behind screens or blindfold your guests so they cannot see the contents and invite them to imagine the horror they’re sliding their hands into in a bid to find the spider. The bowls of disgustingness can be as varied and plentiful as your (warped!) imagination allows.

3. Make a Mummy

Spilt your guests into pairs and line them up at one end of a room or garden. At your command, one person must completely wrap the other from head to toe in toilet roll until they resemble a mummy.  

Once they’re wrapped, the mummies must run a race or better yet, complete a course littered with obstacles. Set up hurdles to be vaulted over, some balloons that must be popped or a horror movie title charade that must be correctly acted out for their team member before making a mad dash for the finish line.

4. Balloon Bangers

Blow up plenty of balloons and present each guest with two when they arrive. These balloons must be tied somewhere to their bodies; ankles, wrists, waists, etc. with string. For the evening, it is their mission to protect those balloons while popping everyone else’s - without using their hands.

This means they may stamp on other people’s balloons, bite them, or even work with fellow guests to crush them between two bodies. Whoever looks after their balloons the longest is the winner.

5. Brain Swap

Get four pumpkins, hollow them out and fill two with a brain-like mix of spaghetti, tomato sauce, chopped chillies and some of the pumpkin flesh and seeds.

Split your guests into two teams and give each team 2 or 3 spoons. They must hold the spoons between their teeth and use them to scoop the brains from a full pumpkin and deposit them into an empty one.

They can pass the spoon to a teammate at any time but they must not use their hands. The winning team is the one that swaps all of their brains first. If you really want to terrify them into giving this game their all, tell them that the losing team has to eat the brains as a penalty!

All of these games can be adapted to suit the age and ability of your guests and you can find all the Halloween decorations, drinks and snacks you need for your horrifically fab party in-store.


Got any other frighteningly fun suggestions? Then share them with us over on our B&M Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages!




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