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Board Games & Puzzles

Cheap Board Games and Puzzles at B&M Stores

Whether you’re looking for cheap board games for kids, challenging puzzles, card games or family games to provide hours of fun at get-togethers, B&M offers a superb range of options that won’t break the bank.

Family & Friends Board Games and Puzzles

Whether you’re looking for fun games to play with younger kids, older kids, family members or close friends at game nights, B&M has everything you need - from classic board games to more recent creations from top brands.


One of the most popular board games of all time, Monopoly can be approached in a range of different ways that make it more difficult or easy to learn and play, depending on your group’s preferences.

With varieties including Star Wars and Fortnite - and even a “Sore Losers” edition - you’ll easily find the perfect game board to suit your tastes and keep you all entertained for hours!


The classic murder mystery game that relies on strategy and is always fun to play, Cluedo sees players take on the role of the detective to determine a culprit, weapon and location in order to solve a crime.


Operation offers hours of family fun as players of all ages attempt to cure the patient without getting buzzed! It’s one of the most popular board games for kids and adults alike.


A fun game for lovers of language, Scrabble sees you rack up points by strategically placing letters on the right squares - with some scoring far more than others!

Whether you’re on the lookout for puzzles for kids or challenging games for lovers of strategy, you’ll find everything you need at the lowest possible prices at B&M. 

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