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Flooring and Tiling

Flooring and Tiling at B&M

Whether you want to breathe new life into existing flooring - by polishing up hardwood floors or breathing new life into porcelain tiles, for example - or you’re looking for new, cheap flooring ideas that are easy to install, you’ll find everything you need at B&M.

Vinyl & Carpet Tiles

Whether you prefer straightforward sheet vinyl or peel and stick vinyl floor tiles, you’ll find an exciting range of colours and finishes at B&M.

Our square tiles come in packs of 11, covering one metre squared each - or just under 11 square feet (a tile measures just under one square foot). 

We also offer rectangular tiles in packs of 6, measuring 304.8 x 609.6 x 2.0mm per tile, as well as rolls of sheet vinyl measuring 2 metres by 3 metres.

Vinyl is easy to clean, and can be used as both wall and floor tiles with the correct preparation.

You’ll also find a range of affordable carpet tiles at B&M. These are extremely easy to install, clean and maintain. We sell our 50cm x 50cm tiles individually, so you can create any design that you wish.

Durable and versatile, carpet tiles are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and a range of other spaces.

Laminate & Accessories

Wood effect laminate is an exceptionally popular cheap flooring option - especially because the quality of the materials available has improved wonderfully in recent years. 

Our range is a great example - choose from realistic walnut, oak or hickory effect in a number of hues to perfectly complement your decor and give a fresh, up to date feel to any room.

We also offer affordable laminate cutters, fitting kits and even underlays and insulation options - as well as trimming and threshold designs to match our laminate planks. You can pick up classic gold or silver carpet cover strips, too.

Stick to your budget and transform your flooring with B&M’s cheap tiling and laminate options.

As part of our interior paint section, B&M also offers specialist paints for flooring and tiles - so ideas need have no limits!


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