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Air Care

Air Purifiers at B&M Stores

An air purifier works as a kind of air conditioner, keeping allergies and hay fever at bay and reducing unpleasant smells. B&M offers superb appliances of this kind from Addis and other top brands for excellent prices.

Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers & Essential Oils

Air humidifiers function by adding moisture to the air to prevent dryness. These steam vaporizers work with distilled water to produce a gentle, warm mist. Humidifiers can prevent itchiness and irritation, coughs, congestion, dry skin and more.

B&M offers a personal, portable type of humidifier that can be placed wherever you need it.

Our dehumidifiers from brands like Blaupunkt prevent mould, mildew, dampness, condensation and mustiness. They extract moisture from the air for a clearer, cleaner feel.

You can even pick up aroma diffusers that use essential oils to create a pleasing scent. They work similarly to ultrasonic humidifiers through the production of gentle mist.

Manage the air quality and freshness of every space with an advanced air care product from B&M.

Place a mains-operated humidifier or dehumidifier anywhere in your home with the help of a quality product from B&M’s range of Sockets & Extension Leads.