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Cat Litter

Shop Cat Litter and Litter Boxes at B&M

One of the toughest aspects of looking after your cat is keeping up with the cleaning and hygiene!

A B&M cat litter tray can be kept clean and hygienic by regularly emptying and refilling. Our cat litter storage solutions also allow you to ensure it's kept hygienic and to tackle unpleasant odours - and this requires a lot of work that can be fairly unpleasant and hard to keep on top of!

In addition to this, you’ll need to pick up new cat litter regularly - which adds a further expense to your household budget.

At B&M, we offer a range of practical, hygienic and odour-fighting pet litter, from cat litter sand to clay and wood pellet options, all of which are friendly on your wallet and easy to use.

Natural and Clumping Cat Litter

It’s important that your B&M cat litter tray uses litter that is healthy to have around - for the sake of your pets and for the environment.

We offer natural options including cat litter sand, wood pellets, cellulose paper granules and even biodegradable corn to help keep your little disposal sustainable.

You can also pick up ultra-clumping cat litter options for easy, mess-free removal and minimal waste.

Hooded Cat Litter Boxes for a Bargain

Along with the high-quality B&M cat litter trays and hygienic cat litter options such as cat litter sand and clay available in-store at B&M, you can also pick up accessories like hooded cat toilets to give your proud pet a little extra privacy, and handy litter scoops for easier disposal.

What’s more, we offer scented litter and litter fresheners to tackle bad smells and keep the area surrounding your cat’s litter box or tray fresh and hygienic.

Want to ensure that your furry friend stays healthy and happy? Take care of their well-being and keep them perfectly pampered by checking out our range of Pet Medication & Healthcare products and our selection of affordable Grooming & Hygiene buys today!