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Lighting & Bulbs

Lighting and Bulbs at B&M

Whether you need halogen bulbs, bulbs for LED lights or special energy saving options, B&M has you covered. Take a look at our selection to pick out the cheap lighting options that are right for your fittings.

Energizer Light Bulbs

Energizer bulbs are perfect for households who like to keep an eye on their power usage - whether to save money or to improve their impact on the environment.

Many of these energy saving bulbs use between 85-90% less power than other brands and have a superbly long life, meaning you save even more.

With both filament and LED bulbs available from this brand - as well as dimmable, smart and colour changing options - you can find affordable Energizer lighting solutions from B&M for almost any fitting.

Everyday Light Bulbs

For halogen lights and other highly practical LED options, feel free to browse the rest of B&M’s budget friendly range. With pack sizes of up to 10 available, and shapes including spot, candle and golf, there is a great amount of choice.

Light up your spaces for less and pick up your perfect cheap bulbs from B&M today to install in wall lights, ceiling lights, lamps, outdoor lights and a range of other locations.

Don’t forget to take a look at our Electrical Accessories section for affordable fuses and other options to go with your high quality, cheap lighting solutions!

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