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New Garden Range at B&M.


Shop Slime at B&M Stores

Enjoy the global sensory phenomenon that is Slime without breaking the bank! Colourful, stretchy, goopy and glorious - it’s the perfect toy to keep kids of all ages busy.

Grab pots of the oozy, squishy stuff from B&M today. In store, you’ll find Slime from top brands in all of their favourite colours and styles - including glitter, rainbows, stars, sequins and even mini multicoloured balls!

Our Slime is tactile and non-toxic, and never fails to fascinate.

The range of Slime for kids at B&M will be enough to occupy your youngsters for hours - and we always offer it at the best possible price.

Slime Kits for Kids from Zuru, Elmer’s, OMG Science! And Nickelodeon

Ever wondered how to make Slime? Wonder no longer.

B&M’s superb Slime making kits allow kids to create their own own putty toys - with a huge range of different colours available, along with cool additives like glitter and sparkly stars. Personalise your Slime and make something new and exciting every time.

You can even make scented slime!

If your youngster is a budding scientist or maker, or if they simply enjoy taking part in the most satisfying of creative activities and projects, our Slime starter kits make absolutely ideal gifts and treats - for all ages and genders.

We’ve got all the equipment you need to make Slime in store at B&M, so, for the perfect activity for a rainy weekend, to fulfil your kids’ curiosity or for a fun new sensory activity, simply pay us a visit today!

Does your kid love collecting? Pick up awesome branded sensory collectables like fidget spinners, pops and cubes, magnetic rings and plenty more besides in our range of great Collectables.