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Drinks From Your Favourite Brands

Whether you’re on the lookout for cheap fizzy drinks, cordial or fruit juice, affordable alcohol or low-cost teas and coffees, B&M has the ideal range for shoppers on a budget.

Grab all of the drinks on your shopping list for the lowest possible price when you explore our range of cheap drinks.

Soft Drinks

Pick up budget-friendly soft drinks - including pop, squash, energy drinks and juice - from top brands at B&M.

Whether you’re a lover of Coca-Cola, Schweppes, Tango, Fanta, 7-Up or Sprite, or you’re on the lookout for sparkling, still or tonic water, you’ll find all of these products and many more amongst our soft drinks range.

Our selection of cheap soft drinks also includes squash from favourites like Del Monte and Robinsons, fruit juice from Don Simon, J20 and Oasis, and even Slush Puppies!

For packed lunch preparation, busy families can grab multipacks of Capri Sun, Fruit Shoots and other drinks.


A simple gin and tonic, can of beer or bottle of wine shouldn’t have to break the bank. At B&M, you can pick up super-affordable multipacks from brewers like Guinness, Budweiser and Carlsberg, as well as craft options such as Pistonhead and Freedom Lager.

We also stock excellent ales, alcopops and pre-mixes, wines from favourites like Black Tower and Echo Falls, ciders from Bulmers, Strongbow, Brothers and others and a wide selection of budget friendly spirits.

Don’t forget to check out our excellent range of flavoured gins or to browse our beautifully crafted gift sets if you’re on the lookout for a boozy treat for a loved one.

Tea, Coffee & Hot Drinks

Most households list tea, coffee and other hot drinks among their regular expenses - so it’s important that you pick yours up from somewhere that offers high quality and low cost.

B&M provides instant coffee from top brands like Nescafe, Costa, Kenco and Azera, along with Yorkshire Tea, PG Tips, Typhoo and Tetleys for tea. You’ll also find green teas, decafs and even delectable coffee syrups to create your perfect hot drink.

We provide a superb range of classic and flavoured hot chocolate products too, for an extra special treat.

Whatever you need - from multibuy beers for a big gathering to a soothing cup of cocoa alone in the evening - you’ll find everything for the best possible price at B&M.

Of course, you can also pick up all of your remaining groceries at budget friendly prices, too. Check out our range of Food today to learn more.

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